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Date time with dinosuar

Hey ghosts! Sorry for not blogging so much lately. I have been super stressed and super busy on the same time as I haven’t felt any good. Anyway, Saturday, me and the dinosaur went to the town to go to the library to print out some important papers and stuff. We ran around in the town to do errands. After that I wanted to go to the carnival that was in town for the weekend. And let me just say ~ I’ve grown up with that my whole life and I saw so much problems with the attractions, so much that needed to fix etc. I saw stuff that people normally don’t pay attention to. Anyway, I had fun! Alone time with the dinosaur, alot of laughter and smiles. He recorded  (and i) for his youtube channel that I’m gonna sit down and edit for him. Yes he does the recording and I edit. Lol! Video will come later I promise.

Can you see the Spice Girls? I was so happy when I saw the painting!!! I love them!

Even though my body was in so much pain, I had fun! We walked around, did some lotteries ~ which I won on! Woop! And he went on a ride ~ that will also be in the video later. There was one guy who worked there that was so rude. He laughed in my face when I told him that the claw machine has taken my money and wasn’t working. As a customer I know I can demand them to put up a sign that it’s not working. But getting just laughed because I wanted my money back. So angry as I was, I went to a guy who worked there and I explained what happened and he said that that guy is rude and stupid but he would fix it 🙂 so for the problems we got that little  minion and I laughed at that guy! Yes I actually laughed at the guy because he threw that toy down in pure madness and I thought he was ridiculous! 

But I didn’t let that ruin my day. We continued on with our date and let me just say that I fell asleep quickly that night. Lol! But we were both happy, we were both having fun and I told dinosaur that this is the type of date I like. Not romantic stuff like dinner at a resturant etc. 
you guys should have seen his face when we got the minion. I knew that dinosaur loves the minions and that smile. Oh wow Haha 🙂

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Town × 2

Ghosts! Iam so tired and exhausted from yesterday’s adventures! Walking so much in boots is nothing I recommend! My hips and back is killing! Wow! Anyway yesterday we went to Söderhamn and Gävle. Meetings and meetings all day. 3H wait for something that took maximum one minute was ridiculous but we did what we went there to do and after we went to Gävle.  We were supposed to have a meeting there as well but it got canceled at the last minute but it was alright. Me and Dinosaur spend some quality time together. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. I can’t believe we are moving to this small little town soon. Sure my personal opinion about the town is that it is so boring but it will be so much better Living there than living here and I think it will get better by time.

 Söderhamn ~ cute place but so boring. The centrum… lol. Wow

Waiting on the train from Söderhamn to Gävle. 

Walking around in Gävle and spent some time together. Goofing around and just enjoying each other’s company. We found this cute heart and I just had to take photos of him with it. He told me to delete the photos and I was like HEEELL no! I love these photos  🙂 

After few hours we decided to take the train back to Hudiksvall to go home. Alicia came over when we came home and after she left… I don’t think I’ve ever fallen asleep that fast before. Lol! My body was and still are so exhausted. 



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Valentine’s day

Hey ghosts! I apologize that I haven’t blogged for few days! The reason is that we are still packing and going through the stuff! It’s insane how much shit you can collect during years even though you throw away a lot of shit. I know we won’t be done for a long time 😧 but atleast something happens in my life. Lol! 

Our valentine’s day our first together. We went to Gävle (the town I went with mom everyday for five times a week in seven weeks for her treatment) just to spend some time together without my family etc. It was really cozy to just walk around, talk about our future and everything. I love talking about that. We discovered new stores that we didn’t see the first time we were there. Lol insane! I know I found one place that is my new favorite! It’s a cd shop. Like those stores in America. I loved that store! They had all the cds I wanted but unfortunately I didn’t have the money to buy them. I found Motörhead, Helloween, AcDc, Hammerfall, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica and so many more. I didn’t cry though! Hahaha! Just kidding. But one day I will own them even though cds is like.. from the Greek antique time. Lol. 

Mom thought we were in hudiksvall but we weren’t. Lol. We took the bus at 8.20am to the town and than the train at 9.33am to Gävle. We both fell asleep on the train. We were so tired of waking up so early but hey, lately I have been waking up so early but still I’m tired. Lol! Sure I’ve had a few days where I slept longer than usually but like I said to the Dinosaur ~ it’s a miracle that I’m still is up and walking around. ~ so yeah. That was our valentine’s day. Cozy and simple. It was perfect ♡

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It’s time for me and the dinosaur to continue with the apartment. Ugh. I don’t want too!!! I know we have too. We can’t live like this. So on today’s to do list continue with the apartment, look for laundry time, packing down in boxes, celebrate my sister’s birthday ~ M turned 28 yesterday. And than continue again. Sounds like a fun day..not.

Right now, the dinosaur is watching youtube via the TV and I’m in bed writing this but right after the post is done, I will put some pants on and start and so will the dinosaur. So I will blog later. 

I don’t want to continue! 😢😢😢😢

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Beeing away from the person you love is hard but thankfully there is ways to communicate with each other. I miss my Dinosaur so much and last night he actually made me cry. I know it is crazy and weird but that’s how much I miss him.

He is the grey part and I’m the blue. We both say this when we say I love you. It means so much.

You see guys, even though we are married and we are in the same country, we miss each other. I love him and he loves me and like I said, last night he made me cry. Not only because of this message but everything we said. Since I met him, I’ve become so sensitive.  I cry for no reason. I know it’s weird and I’m a loser but I can’t help it. 

I miss my Dinosaur so much but thankfully he will be home again in two days! 

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Loving you?*

My Dinosaur, my love for you is something that no one can describe for you.  No matter how much I tell or try to show you it isn’t enough. My Dinosaur, I love you with all my heart and I promise you that my love for you will never go away. You’re my future, you’re my big love. I will love you now and forever. 

Hand in hand, side by side we will concur the world. We will go through fire and water, storms and calm waves on the sea. No matter what happens, I will never leave your side. We are one now. We are husband and wife, together we will protect each other, love each other, make each other smile and laugh. I promise I will do what ever it takes to keep you smile. I never wanna see you without your smile. Our future is coming and I’m ready to take all the steps there is to take together with you. 

My love for you is so hard for me to show and tell you. When you’re sad, iam sad. When you’re happy, iam happy. When you’re worried, I’m worried. When you’re scared, I’m scared. Sweetie, I’ve never felt like this for anyone. I truly love you. I care about you. I’m trying to be a good wife.  I’m trying to make you happy. I’m sorry when I hurt you. I’m sorry when I’m crying.  I’m sorry that I make you cry. I hate seeing your tears. I hate seeing you sad. Honey, please forgive me. I’m not hurting you on purpose. I can see when I hurt you. I don’t understand how I can hurt someone so amazing and wonderful like you. Honey, I’m truly sorry. 

I love you so much it hurts. Being apart from you is breaking me down. Being apart from you makes me feel lost. Being apart from you makes me sad. I miss you so much. 

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Happy Birthday!

Today is not just any day because today it’s my dinosaur’s day! Happy birthday baby! I can’t believe that today is your birthday and today it’s a week ago we got married! Two celebrations on one day! Wow!
I wish I could give you a special birthday but right now things won’t allow that. It’s your first birthday with me and I really wanted to do something special but hopefully I will be able to give you that later. 

 I love you my Dinosaur so so much!