2016 | Info list

Hopefully better


2016 haven’t really been a good year for me. Two angels returned to their place in heaven ~ my dad and my wonderful friend of nine years, the doctors suspicions of braintumor on me, mama’s cancer in throat, treatments everyday ~ five days a week from August 1 to September 15. And now we found out that mama has an other cancer in her throat. But there has been a lot of positivity as well me and M got together and now we are engaged, I don’t have brain tumour but I still have this headache but it’s getting better. M has moved in with me so we live together, I’ve lost so much weight but now I’m gaining ~ which is good because my body need a rest from losing over 40kg this year and I’m actually glad that I’m gaining a bit. More to work on 💪 

I hope that 2O17 will be a better year for me and all off you out there ♡ 

My dreams and goals for two thousand and seventeen is to move to Göteborg ~ Gothenburg with M and start our new life far away from here and my family. Start in school and learn Spanish so I can become a translator for embassies or something like that ~ that’s one of my dream jobs. Get better confidence because let’s face it, it’s at the rock bottom and I need to work harder now. Lose more weight so I can live a better life and be much healthier with no problems etc. Make all the stuff that worries and brings M down disappear you have no idea how much stuff and things brings M down. And 2017 will be a year when I work extra hard to make that go away. It has been a hell off a month and I’m not allowing this to repeat! 

I have so much goals and dreams to do and I will work hard to achieve them! Some will take longer to achieve but I will do it! 

2016 | Info list

Dreams and Goals.

Let’s do an other dreams and goals post! I have so many dreams that it’s impossible to achieve . Here we go 

🎀      celebrate holidays in America

Yeah, I would love to celebrate Halloween and New years in America. New years for Christmas and somewhere with a lot of activity etc on Halloween

🎀      move into a big apartment or a small house

The reason why I wanna move and leave my apartment is my beloved neighbor and the fact that the place is too small for me and M. I also wanna move away from this village because of my family etc.

🎀      the future

I’ve always been scared of getting old. I don’t know why but I have so much I wanna do before I’m turning 30 but now, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me. 

🎀      move to Spain and Dubai

I’ve written about this earlier but I really wanna move to Spain to study Spanish to be able to work as a translator and also move to Dubai within two years to study arabic to become a translator in that as well.

So this was a short list of the dreams and goals for now. Make sure to like this post for more Posts like this! Muwah!

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2016 so far

It’s October  {yes it’s true! 😨} and I thought I would make a list on what has been bad and what has been good so far this year. It will be a short list but it will be “fun” to read in the future to look back on. Like my year started pretty OK, hell visited and left etc so it will be a post where I can come back too and read about this year so far.

Started working out

Yeah, right after new year I started to go to the gym like 3-4 times a week and worked out. I broke many personal records such as reaching my highest weight on leg press and how many reps I did {200kg x 20}

Planned a trip to Algeria

For you who has followed my blog since the beginning of 2016 knows that I was working so hard to go to Algeria, meetings here and meetings there etc but unfortunately it had to be cancelled because of personal reasons.

started to learn arabic

I’ve always been curious about learning and talking Arabic and when I was planning the trip to Algeria, I got this idea to start learn atleast the basics so I could show them respect when I was there. To atleast say hello, nice to meet you etc on arabic. I fell in love with the language so I was reading and studying it hard. My family wasn’t that happy about it though.

my dad passed away

March was the month my dad decided to leave his place here on earth and go to heaven. To become the Angel he once were. Rest in Peace Daddy ♡

my very dear friend Vaz passes away

two months and two days later. May 28th he unfortunately passed away after been involved in a massive car crash. Rest in  peace angel ♡ / I got 9 wonderful years of true friendship with him ♡

two tattoos, different meanings

On June 28th, I decided to get two tattoos. My red star on the finger to honor my dear friend Vaz and to have a reminder to cherish true friendships. On the same hand  {right} I got an arabic tattoo from my wrist to my thumb. It says “Stay Strong” and I got this to remind myself to stay strong and breathe.

mom got the diagnose cancer

We’ll I don’t need to write so much here. She got the diagnose Throat cancer. Treatments started at August 1rst. Those car rides everyday .. uugh *shivers*

Decibelle turns one

Yes, my youngest baby niece turned one on July 2nd.. so crazy!

Got a third tattoo

August 15th, I got my third tattoo but this one is a tribute to my father. Also on my right side. It’s his name, when he was born and when he left us. It was supposed to be in a dream catcher but I decided to go simple instead. I also had to give the Arabic one a touch up. Ugh. To be honest, I need to get a third touch up. Pssh

Met my boyfriend and later got engaged to my fiancé 

I met my man in September on a market and I’ve been happy ever since then. Hot a ring on my finger, a man who loves me, someone to share my future with and I’m in love. My family haven’t approved him.. Mom is 50/50 but my sister who’s met him is eeh and then I have my brother who doesn’t wanna meet him and two other sisters.. fun. But it does that matter. I’m happy and no matter what they say, I’m not leaving him ♡

More has happen this year, trips to Linköping & Göteborg, market, photographing etc.

What to look forward this year that’s left {what I know is planned}

Gothenburg with M 

Celebrate Halloween in Gothenburg, laugh, smile, have our small dates everywhere and put a lock up somewhere there. Liseberg, trick or treating with the girls {hopefully}

Also my baby monster turns 1! OMG!


When I’m going home from  Gothenburg, he is coming with me and it will officially be official that he will move in to me.

Christmas and new year together as well. Apartment hunting continues, looking for job somewhere but here same with the apartment. We are positive and we will work everything out.

2016 | Info list


Here we go with a new exciting post of my dreams. Last time I wrote one I think it was in May ~ I might remember wrong. But here we go with the list ♡ 

Become a translator for the embassies 

I actually been planning to move to Spain and study Spanish again. I’ve been studied it before for 5.5 years but to be honest, I only remember the basics. I wanna become a translator in Spanish and in two years, I wanna move to Dubai to study arabic to become a translator for arabic as well. Sounds weird? Well it’s me. So a translator in swedish, English, Spanish and Arabic.

I still want my father to come back

I can’t believe that it’s already +200days ago my beloved father became an angel. I miss him 😢❤

be free from smoking ~ work in progress. Hopefully til new year am free.

be able to one day understand and talk Punjabi

As you know, my man is from India and I think his language is called Punjabi and I really want to learn and understand and also be able to communicate with his family in the future. But, I guess he will have die the translation. 

lose more weight

I’ve actually lost 38kg since March 2016. But I’m far from my goal but I’m working hard to reach it! Only 37 more kilos. Wish me luck! Lol! 

2016 | Info list

Random info #4


Random list number four of random information about me. Do you think they are fun to read or should I stop with them? Let me know in the comments 🙂

31. (TRAVEL) I have never been outside Sweden
32. (FAMILY) I was ashamed when people met my dad and called him “Swedish Hulk Hogan” or when people saw my dad and uncle and called them the “Swedish ZZ-TOP”.
33. (ANIMALS) I have one cat and one bunny
34. (MUSIC) I love HELLOWEEN, AC/DC, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Hammerfall etc
35. (SOCIAL MEDIA) I have had snapchat for a while but its lately that  I’ve started to use it.. a lot.  
36. (HAIR) I use to have bright/neon red hair
37. (FAMILY) My sister gave me the nickname “Raccoon” when I was in my “scene” moment. I might post a photo later. Lol
38. (MUSIC) I can’t sleep without music
39. (WEIRD) I love the smell of limes and lemon
40. (LANGUAGE) Since I started learning Arabic, I talk Swedish and all off the sudden say Arabic words. Lol!


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Dreams part two


I wanted to make a part two of what my dreams are. It’s very weird to just take a moment and really think hard what I want and wish for. But here we go

Having my father here again
I know that this is a weird dream and wish but I really wish he was here on earth with us.  It’s two months ago since my dad left us and it feels so weird. I’m still waiting for the phonecall “Are you home?” Or the just random knocks on the door and opens up. We called dad for the man in the box  (gubben i lådan). You know the man in the box where you turn the thingy on the side and it plays a melody and all off the sudden the man pops up. That’s what I meant. Because sometimes dad just showed up without any calls etc.

Move to a big house
You know the typical American houses with big porch and big windows? That’s my dream home.

➡ Live in my dream house in an other country
I wanna move to an other country. Like Spain or something. And living in my dream house there with a big ass kitchen and a kitchen island. Oh, I will continue to dream for it.

Travel the world with ELIN
Yeah I have written this before – that i wanna travel to some countries – but this time i wanna write that I wanna travel the world and share the memories and experience with my bestfriend. WALLAH!

Own my dream car
I love Hummer H2 and I really wanna own one even tho they cost so much to drive. A red or a black Hummer H2. My absolute dream car

Be able to tell my family the truth
I wanna be able to tell my family the truth about my headache and suspicion of brain tumor and that I’m learning Arabic. The reasons why I can’t tell my family these two things is because I dont worry my family and freak them out. Especially my mom who died 4 times last summer but luckily is here with us now. I will write a post later about that. She has heart problems so I don’t wanna tell her. And the reason why I don’t wanna tell my family that I’m learning Arabic is because they are so freaking racist. You should hear what my family is saying 😭 it’s horrible. So that’s why I don’t wanna tell them.

Go on a Alice Cooper concert
Who wouldn’t wanna do that? Oh I’m listening to his song “Poison” right now and I really want to go on a concert in the future but I think I won’t be able to 😢

So this was the part two of my dreams. I will post an other list of my dreams later 😀 stay tuned! Haha!

2016 | Info list

Are you..

I love filling out all type of lists that is around on the Internet.  And I found one that I thought I could share and answer. So here we go with part #1 😊

Are you psychic in any way? Yes
Are you a good dancer? Lol no
Are you a good singer? I was..until I started smoking
Are you a good cook? I think so..
Are you a good artist? Nope
Are you a good listener? Yes
Are you a good public speaker? Hell no! I get super nervous and I can’t talk. Not even when I was in school. Nope
Are you a good babysitter? Yeah. Give them candy and they take care of themselves 😂 just kidding. Yes iam
Are you a good mechanic? Yes! When it comes to attractions (those on carnivals etc) and cars.
Are you a good employee? Yes?
Are you a good dresser? Lol what? If you mean that I’m good by picking out outfits for myself then no. I go in all black. Love it tho.
Are you a good swimmer? Nope.
Are you a good skier? Haha no
Are you a good lover? I’m the queen of it 😂👑 just kidding. I’m good? No one has complained so.
Are you a good musician? No I can’t read notes.
Are you a good comedian? I’m hilarious! Just ask my bestfriend!
Are you a good cleaner? No.. but I’m good enough.
Are you a good actor? Where is my Oscar’s? 😒 😂
Are you a good writer? No. Never been.

Are you scared of flying? I have never been on a plane to be honest.
Are you reliable? Yes
Are you proud of yourself? No
Are you much of a gambler? I don’t gamble.
Are you much of a daredevil? Yes. I’m the only one in my family who tries things etc.
Are you a good liar? I don’t lie. Except when I have to.
Are you a good judge of character? Sometimes iam
Are you any good at charades? Never played it
Are you left or right handed? I’m both. But I write and use the fork in my left but I can write with both. Well I can eat with the right too.
Are you scared of spiders? No I love them! I wanna have a big birdspider or one of those massive big ones with hair all over. 😍 so cute!
Are you a clean or messy person? Kind of a mix to be honest.
Are you a bad loser? I don’t think so
Are you a hat person? No! No hats on my hair!
Are you good at keeping secrets? Yup
Are you a gossip? Girl? Nah I wish. Ugh that dude (who is with Blair) is so freaking hot!
Are you scared of thunderstorms? No but I hate when the lightning is right above your roof and it sounds right after. Ugh!
Are you a good aim with a rubber band? Yes!
Are you introvert or extrovert? Que?
Are you a valuable asset on a Pub Quiz team? What?!
Are you pretty devious? No

Are you any good at giving massages? Yes!
Are you scared of the dark? Sometimes.
Are you related or distantly related to anyone famous? Yes
Are you any good at egg and spoon races? Lol I have never tried that game! We don’t do that in Sweden 😂
Are you allergic to anything? Yes, black current or how it spells.
Are you ticklish? Yes and if u tickle me, iam not responsible for your injuries
Are you tired of answering questions yet? No 😄
Are you the sort to step in and try to break up a fight? Always. No matter what gender or age
Are you a giver or a receiver? Both. I think.
Are you scared of needles? Yes but still iam a blood doner. . How? 😂
Are you the kind of friend you’d want to have as a friend yourself? No. I’m 2 insane and crazy.
Are your ears lobed or attached? Dude.. what? 😂 I don’t get it. #myheadisworkingslowatthemoment
Are you proud, comfortable or ashamed of your body? Ashamed
Are you much of an adventurer? Yus!