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Happy!! Ohmygod!

I can’t believe it! Not even a year and my long time blood sugar has gone down 20 levels! Right now it is on 38 and not having diabetes is level 30! I had 58 in March and wow! I can’t stop smile. Like it’s actually gone soon! Ohmygod! I miss words! Like.. how is this even possible!? I’m soon free from diabetes! And I’ve soon lost 60kg! SINCE MARCH 2016! That’s crazy! 

I have a goal this year well many but this is my main goal. I will lose am other 50kg! Can you Imagen if I lose that!? Ohmy! I will work hard from now on because this summer something will happen! Motivate me when I need it? I know I will fall back. I’m prepared for that but I will do it! 

I’m ready to take control over my life and I’m ready to work for it!

2016 | Health

Useful health tips!

I haven’t tried any off these but I see a few that I will try one day. I just need to get some honey first. Let me know if you have tried them or will try them 🙂