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Gävle, Sweden 

So on our 100 days celebration we decided to go to Gävle. Well we went there without thinking off our “anniversary”. I WERE IN GÄVLE WITHOUT BEING AT THE HOSPITAL! Oh my God.  To be honest,  it felt weird. Haha! As usually, I played pokemon a bit ~ just to collect those poke balls because my nephew has start playing and he wanted us to go out for a poke hunt walk later that day. Hell yeah! 🤘 He even texted me and asked me what team iam in and he joined the same team! Wooh! Proud aunt! ❤ Team Valor baby! ANYWAY me and M went to Gävle to look for shoes for me because I needed a new pair and I couldn’t find something I like til I saw this holy light shining down from the roof top down on these shoes that was waiting on me to buy! They were whispering my name “Emma…Emma…buy us! We know you want too!” And their wish is my command ~ I bought one pair.. Black boots.. the same as I have! HAHA! Yes I ascutally bought same pair of shoes but in an other size! #HappyHappyEmma 

In Gävle ~ all we did was eating {McDonald’s- felt so horrible after it} because none of us had time to eat and I had to eat because my bloodsugar was not good. After that we walked around, tried to find the shoe dot  {Skopunkten ~ a Swedish footwear store} and after asking few people, we found it. After shopping the shoes, we just walked around and I have to be honest ~ I love walking around round in cities and towns during the Christmas time because of all the decorations, the lights etc but in Gävle, I was so disappointed! It was noting. A little bit light here around rounded there. Pssh! Me and M actually agreed with each other that Gävle is not a town for us. It was so boring. Sundsvall is much more fun to walk around in.

Overall I had fun and it was so cozy to just walk around just us two. We played pokemon, talked about everything ~ about us, future, past etc. 

The town got boring after just a few hours so we decided to take an earlier train back to Hudiksvall to go home. On the way home on the train we both fell asleep but luckily I woke up and I caught M snoring. Haha so I was like “Ey! You’re snoring! Wake up!”. It was so funny. When home, we both took a chill time ~ movie and dinner. We had walked around so much and I had barely got any sleep that night and had to wake up super early. Wow! 

I give the day two stars out of five ☆☆ / 5

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Christmas feelings

I haven’t been blogging for a while because of my beloved so called family and how they are. Ugh! ANYWAY ….

Me and M went to the town a few days ago. Just spent some time together after everything that is going on here. It was a special moment for me to walk around in the towns together with him and just enjoy and look at all the Christmas decorations.  That is what I like. Seeing all the Christmas lights, decorations, trees, etc. 

I love moments like this. Just walk around somewhere, hand in hands and just walk and think about ourselves. I to be honest, rather do this than have an expensive dinner at a restaurant. 

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Ice fishing with the school

So I don’t go to school but M does and they had a field trip today because it’s end of the school for this year {Christmas holiday} and they went ice fishing. M wanted me to come along and ofcourse I did! I love fishing and being outside! The downsides of this day was the cold, me burning my sock on my left foot so I had to call mama and ask if she could knit a new pair for me. Lol! And that one of the leaders had to go so early so we all had to leave. Boo! 

It was so beautiful there! Sun was shining, snow on the ground, me playing with the kids, us being on the ice, laughing, kissing, and just got to be together ~ outside home, away from the family etc.  I loved it! We decided that we will do more fun this winter so let’s see what happens 🙂

Yes I have permission for this post. Yay! 😙😘

This is definitely a day to remember. 

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♡ Love from Sweden

Five letters, all going to different places in the world. Some to America, some to Europe, Some To Asia and everywhere. Sending love from Sweden ~ from me and M ♡

Merry  Christmas! It’s early to write that but hey, I’m in the Christmas mood right now.  

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Confidence boost

Even if I’ve some massive problems with my piercing ~ infection – big time! ~ i have to have a cream both inside and outside of my nose ~ it gives me confidence. I don’t know why but I feel so much better with the piercing, so much better about myself. Despite the pain and problems, I don’t regret it. It hurted like a mother…. I won’t lie about that but I’m happy that I did it.

I had to change to the ring after just a few days because the pin was so small because of the swelling and put the ring in was… oh wow.. it hurts even to think about it. But I like it more with a ring than with the pin so it’s all good. Goodie in the hoodie you know. Yes I copied that from Slim. Haha! I like that expression.

More pretty before my confidence has been up and down. When I took photos of myself ~ selfies ~ I could start cry, that’s how bad my confidence was. Sure it’s not 100% but it has gained to like 75/80% ish. 

The only things I’ll do now is to dye my hair either red or go with ombre ish. Like darker brown on top and go lighter and lighter till the ends. I don’t know. I also gonna change to a more suitable ring but not for an other six months though. I’m gonna keep this one, let it heal and than maybe change. We’ll see about that.

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From arrow to a ring

Okey, so I have to be honest about one thing ~ changing piercing after just a few days getting it is something I do not recommend! I had to change it because I have an massive infection and the nose pin I had is too small . Oh and one thing that made me really mad ~ well two things ~ first thing is that she has shot the piercing hole wrong – not straight and second off all the woman said that the locking inside the nose is an olive shaped locking that would stop the piercing from falling off which is bullshit ~ there is no damn locking on it and it did fell out when I was cleaning it! 

Excuse me for the first photograph, it’s taken right after I removed it to send a picture to my sister and show her. It is not snot on it, it is the yellow and gross thingy {I don’t know what it calls on english} from the infection. I didn’t notice that until I edited the picture now and I can’t take a new picture because I left it at my sister so I wouldn’t change it or so. I don’t know, I just left it there.

First we tried with this ring that I have in my nose but it didn’t wanna go all the way in so C {my sister} tried some of her piercings {jewelry} but it was not piercings for nose well one of them was but like five different was for the lip piercing she has and pull me slowly on a broken wheelchair how painful it was. Let me tell you, these jewelry I’m writing about. . . ain’t small. The hole is actually bigger now than what it was before this but yeah, I have this ring in even if it hurts like hell to have it. I think the ring is too tiny but I will sleep with it tonight and tomorrow I will enlarge it ~ open it up a bit more ~ I can’t close it because my nose is so swollen. It’s insane!

2016.11.28 ~ Nose piercing

2016.12.02 ~ changed to the ring


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Black eye and swollen legs


Do not read or scroll down if you are sensitive !


Today me and my man was at the doctor for an appointment I had. But after we were done we walked down a stone staircase and all off the sudden my foot disappeared ~ it felt like it got chopped off and I fell really bad! Ten steps. I hurt my knees and legs so so bad! 

A nurse came and helped me up, I couldn’t move at first and M got so scared so he screamed and pulled in me and said “Emma don’t sleep!” He meant for me to not pass out and I didn’t ~ thank God! The nurse told us to go to the emergency and get help after she saw my legs so we went there ~ slowly and safe.. It hurts so bad when I walk. Anyway, we went to the emergency, I told them what happened and that a nurse told us to go here and just because I didn’t have an ID ~ the person denied me help! Like what!? Are they even allowed to do that? Deny someone who needs help??? 

So we went to the drugstore and bought so much stuff to be able to clean and use bandages but I was really mad and the woman in the register also got really mad when I told her ~ she asked what happened because I was limping and came in and bought this. 

So home we went and I went to the shower, cleaned the wounds and did something funny ~ I cut a pad and used tape and put it on my legs! I couldn’t stop laugh! It looks so funny but hey, it works and helps!

Now iam in bed, blogging this and gonna rest. I hit my head when I fell so I have kind of am black eye on my right eye and my head is killing me. I’ve been dizzy but not nausea. So I’m gonna rest now. Blog more later and sorry for the photo.