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It all goes away.

I’ve decided to take a few days off from everything called social media, network, contact with people etc because it has been too much for me lately. Today has been a bad day, not even a family time event helped me out. The loss off my father is today strong but I’ve to remain calm for my baby.  Today I’ve really felt that I want him back home. I know it’s impossible but I can always wish. So I turned on my phone right now and after this post in turning it off again. I thought I could handle my phone but to be honest, I can’t. I need a detox from my phone. I need to be alone. Focusing on my baby when the time is as hardest. 

Time heals. It really do. The loss of my dad is not so heavy as it was before. But some days I feel I don’t wanna get up from the bed in the mornings. The sorrow and missing him is too much. I’m down to only two digits on my pregnancy and remembering that my dad won’t even meet my son hurts me so bad. It makes me so mad, angry and upset. I really wish he could hold my son. I really wish he could be waiting in the waiting room while I give birth so he could meet his grandson but I know he won’t. So this makes my pregnancy even harder. But like I said, time heals. It really does. Today haven’t been a good day but I can talk about him, see pictures of him etc without my tears falls. 

I’ll blog later. I just need a moment for myself to focus on my baby and to focus on myself. Muwah!

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Preparing for a vacation

Yes guys, you read right. I’m gonna have a small vacation with the dinosaur for a few days. We need to get out from here during all this shit that is going on. We are still gonna be in Sweden but far away from here. We are going to Gothenburg for one important meeting and than to hang out with the family down there. It’s gonna be so much fun. We both need this during this time and we are both actually looking forward to it. To be with the parents and the girls like a small family. To create new memories and have a blast. A lot of laughter and a lot of smiles. I can’t wait. So the freak iam I’ve already written a list and soon gonna start pack ~ not yet though. We are leaving for Gothenburg on June 6 (Swedish national day) and we are coming home on June 10. So 4 days away from here. I can’t Wait! The only thing iam not looking forward to is that train trip. So many hours just sitting and doing nothing. I’m not looking forward to that and I’m sure that M is neither. 

Other than that,  I know we are gonna have so much fun! So I’m counting down the days! Woop! 
Also a side note here; the reason why I haven’t blogged for a while is because it’s a war going on here and it has taken all my energy and focus from things. And a lot of doctors appointments and hospital and ugh. But hopefully everything will calm down soon! 

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Stay true to yourself ~ Something important to read

Put some sparkle in your life. Shine bright like a Dimond and always remember to wear your crown high and be yourself.  Never let anyone bring you down. No matter if it is an family member or a friend. Be you, do you and stay awesome. Smile to people who hates you. Smile to people who need a little bit happiness in their life. Give compliments to strangers and be happy. You never know when that one line that might be a small thing for you might mean the world to them. Tell people that they are beautiful, make them smile. Tell people that they are amazing! Spread love and not hate.

Tell Muslim people, Christian people, Jewish people ~ everyone that you love them! Show them faith in humanity.

~ Emma Santorini

One thing that I have learned during all my years of being bullied is that no matter what people say to you, you always have to stay yourself. Always stay true to yourself! Never fall for rumours, fall for the negativity people is saying. Always remember that you are unique, you are special and you have a purpose here in life. Now I don’t know what my purpose is here in life but I have discovered a long time ago that I love making people happy and smile. I love making people feel better about themselves.

This might be a weird post but I actually posted this online on Facebook and I’m shocked how much good comments and love people has given me back.  People are thanking me for writing this. The fact is, I love people. I love seeing them smile. I love hearing how much I made their days. I’m trying to stay positive and I’m always giving people compliments! Without me sharing love with people I would be so depressed. I managed to turn my depressions and negative thoughts into something positive by spreading love around me. I can walk up to strangers and commenting them on their hair, makeup, clothes and everyth8ng because that’s how iam. I have met people who got really mad on me for doing that but to be honest, I love to smile. I love to be kind. I love to share love! 

So instead of spreading hate around you or listen to hateful stuff or negative stuff ~ remember YOU ARE UNIQUE AND YOU ARE AMAZING! Put a smile on your face and make yourself happy as you make other people happy! 

Stay awesome my friends. Share if you would like ♡ people need to start show love around the world so why not share this post and write what you think of it. I love you !

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Staying home?

Hamdulillah? Is it wrong to write that when it comes to this? Hamdulillah means Thank God on arabic. I’m actually happy right now.  Mom called and told me that we are not going to my brother today to celebrate him which is good for me and M because they aren’t really a big fan of M (he is brown and my family is racist 👌🖒). Neither of us was really looking forward to go over to my brother today. To be honest, my stomach pained so much when I realrealized that we had to go over to him. How crazy isn’t that!? 

Short note here on why I didn’t wanna go over my brother is super mad because we got engaged behind everyone’s back. Also now when we got married behind everyone’s back. My brother and my whole family is super racist. Mom is alright with him and so is one of my sisters. My brother’s wife has yet never said a word to M. Not even HI.  M is trying so hard to get a connection with my brother just because he wants to feel a part of my family but P (my brother) is not easy to work with. M has a brown skim color ~ which isn’t popular in my family. They always say to keep the family clean ~ which means…. only white babies etc. Don’t mix. Anyway that was just a little bit of my family for all off you who are new to my blog. 

I can relax and so can M. Instead of going over to ugh (note: my family) we are going to the store and I’m gonna try to make new type of dinner ~ Sweet Chili Pasta salad with chicken. I hope it will turn out good. Lol! I’m very sceptical but I wanna try. I’m tired of regular food and feel like I wanna try something new. So wish me luck!! I’m probably gonna need it! 

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Tooth pain & Lost tickets 

Hey ghosts, I’m sorry for super mega dead updates. I haven’t get good lately. My friend called and told that she cheated death, my wisdom tooth is about to come up so iam in massive pain. My back and everything .. wow! But I’m alive. 

In the middle off this pain, I realized that it’s only a few more days til the concert I’m going on together with my Dinosaur ~ Tokio Hotel AND THE TICKETS IS GONE! They are no where to be found. We have been looking everywhere, in every box, every bag, under everything and ugh! Nope. No tickets there. So I have messaged the company I bought the tickets from and hopefully they can resend the tickets! The concert is on April 6 and it’s March 26 now. Ohmygod. I really hope they can send me again. 

So stressful life : moving, losing stuff and things, mom, life as Cinderella, my beloved family *ugh*, pain, and alot. Anyone wanna trade life with me? Haha  😓 

The last post, I wrote that iam writing about a topic. Iam but after the call about my friend I didn’t feel like writing it but I will post it as soon as possible.  I’m not promising when but soon. 

The sun is shining and the wind is breaking the trees. I’m gonna take a nap because I’m so exhausted.  Gonna try blog later. Sorry.

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تبقي على الابتسام ولا تتخلى أبدا عن هدف الوصول إلى أحلامك

Keep smiling and never give up on reaching your dreams

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New hair color and makeup

Ghosts and Pumpkins! Today I asked my sister if she could dye my hair which she did. 9.30am, me and the dinosaur went over to hear and bleached my hair. Yes I bleached my hair, and I have sworn to never do it again. Luckily the bleaching didn’t go so well, only in my roots. Bleh! So maybe I’m gonna bleach it again (Because I hate this colors and I wanna have the color I want!) and hopefully that will work better. I’m going to change my hair colors! I hate being brunette / having brown hair. Well not hate it, but I don’t like it and I don’t feel like myself in it. I miss having my red hair and thats what I am going for now. Not Neon Red like i had before but red. We’ll see how that turns out. Lol!




Both me and the dinosaur don’t like it. Bleh! i look so freaking pale in it. I also tried new makeup that I bought the other day, and let me just tell you guys – IT SUCKED ASS!! I do not like it. I actually hate it! The contouring stick, horrible. The mascara, even worse and ugh. I’m really disapointed. Even though it is like Wet & Wild and stuff. Pssh, I’ve heard so much good reviews and stuff about W&W products and really, I rather use H&M’s makeup than theirs. That’s my opinion. No, never again. Maybe I should give it to my niece Olivia. I’ve made her obsessed with makeup and she has always wanted one conturing stick. So why not?



Anyway, disappointed and upset – I will take my face and horrible makeup and hair and make something to eat. I am hungry as a wolf!