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Confidence boost

Even if I’ve some massive problems with my piercing ~ infection – big time! ~ i have to have a cream both inside and outside of my nose ~ it gives me confidence. I don’t know why but I feel so much better with the piercing, so much better about myself. Despite the pain and problems, I don’t regret it. It hurted like a mother…. I won’t lie about that but I’m happy that I did it.

I had to change to the ring after just a few days because the pin was so small because of the swelling and put the ring in was… oh wow.. it hurts even to think about it. But I like it more with a ring than with the pin so it’s all good. Goodie in the hoodie you know. Yes I copied that from Slim. Haha! I like that expression.

More pretty before my confidence has been up and down. When I took photos of myself ~ selfies ~ I could start cry, that’s how bad my confidence was. Sure it’s not 100% but it has gained to like 75/80% ish. 

The only things I’ll do now is to dye my hair either red or go with ombre ish. Like darker brown on top and go lighter and lighter till the ends. I don’t know. I also gonna change to a more suitable ring but not for an other six months though. I’m gonna keep this one, let it heal and than maybe change. We’ll see about that.

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Cozy feeling in the town

Me and M went to the town to meet up Habibti. While we were waiting on her we walked around, I played a bit pokemon til M told me to put my phone away, I took photos and we went to the store where we bought our engagement rings ~ this is my fourth ring ~ I had to return the plain one because I had an allergic reaction to it so we got this ring at the bottom. The ring on top is the first ring I got from M. 

While waiting on Habibti, I went and did something. I know my family will flip out but hey ~ it’s a Christmas present. I got my nose pierced .  It hurted like crazy but I don’t regret it. It’s weird to have something in my face and my eyes is automatically drawn to the piercing so I’ll get crazy eyes. But M likes it and I love it. 

It’s blood around the piercing. I automatically pulled my head back when she did it ~ that’s why I was bleeding. I have to admit, it’s pretty but not really my style and I rather get tattoos on my fingers and hands than getting an other piercing! Pssh!

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Coconut oil is your new bestfriend ❤

It’s Sunday guys so that means ~ taking back spa night every Sunday! Yes I haven’t taken care of myself lately and now I was like “NOPE! SPA NIGHT DELUXE ALA SO-NEEDING-IT” So I caked my face with facial cleaner, face mask and now I’m sitting in the kitchen with a towel on my head and have this coconut oil hair mask.  Yes I use coconut oil. It’s fabulous bit horrible if you get it on your skin. Haha! That’s the only negative about  it! 

Since I started to use coconut oil in my hair, my hair has actually grown a bit so I really recommend you guys if you want your hair to grow a bit to use this. Now it smells bad  {my opinion} and it feels so ew to have it on your fingers and then put it in your hair but it works like a miracle. How I apply it; I always start at the end of the hair and work up to the scalp. I don’t know why but I always do that, even when I wash my hair. A tip about that do not use shampoo! I use shower gel and it’s much better than shampoo. Why? Shampoo dries your hair and scalp from the oils etc that you need. 

That’s my beauty tips for you, use coconut oil once – twice time a week and wash it out twice with shower gel. Don’t use shampoo! 

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Spa night

I’m so tired but I decided to treat myself with homemade spa night. I really dislike the smell off coconut but I have done an other hair mask! And I have also done facial mask and attacked my eyebrows and more. Lol. Now only waits piece of potatoes under my eyes and I’m ready to go to bed and watch some youtube ~ beauty videos and the Muslim guy I wrote about before. 

H O M E M A D E SPA is absolutely fabulous! Spoiling yourself when ever you want? Amazing! Thank you everyone who post ideas and recipes on Pinterest ! I can’t live without that page/ app! I am to be honest, addicted to it. Lol! 

It’s 10pm and I should go to sleep but noooope.  I’m gonna try make myself pretty 😂 need a lot of work tho! 


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Coconut oil body scrub?

Okey guys, this is scary! Coconut oil and sugar mixed together to get a body scrub. Well to be honest, I only have it in my face. I smell like a walking coconut! Haha! And I dislike coconut smell ~ but still I have coconut oil in my hair and on my face. Good work Emma

So this is kinda irritating {the smell} but I’m curious. I know it won’t work instantly like a miracle. But I will keep doing this twice a week and hopefully I will see a result some day. Lol. The only annoying thing is that the coconut oil “melts” and fall in your eyes so I have to remove it all the time. Haha! Typical me but hey, it’s the first time I ever done this. While writing this I’m rubbing my face again and the sugar is scratching my face. Aouwch! Ah well, we have a saying here in Sweden “If you wanna be pretty, you have to suffer the pain” and it’s sorta true. Have you ever heard of this saying?  

Well I will have this in and on for 30 minutes and I think I’ve had the hair mask in for 30 minutes now but I’ll wait til I’ve had the face scrub for 30 min and then I will remove it. I get the face scrub on my lips and it taste horrible. Lol! #ImWeirdIknow

Anyway I will blog more later. Muwah! 

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Coconut oil

Is it really that good? 

Hey ghosts! OK so this post is about the miracle of coconut oil. Well I can be total honest with you guys now, I have read and heard so much about using coconut oil here and there but have never tried it. Today as you all know, I was grocery shopping with my mother and while she was gathering the stuff she needed, I ran all over the store and grabbed what I needed. I was walking and then my eyes caught something.. coconut oil in a jar. “Hello beautiful!” I said and a woman thought I called her beautiful which she was so I said yes I gave you a compliment. I have never seen a person smile that much ever in my life..for a compliment! Wow! It made me feel so happy. But really I was saying it to the jar of coconut oil but I smoothed it over to the woman also. Which is OK because she was beautiful. I love giving compliments to strangers and I’m 100% honest when I do. So it was a little bit funny but hey, I was honest and I made a woman smile 🙂 anyway, back to the coconut oil I saw it in the store, took one jar and when I held it I was instantly thinking of everything I’ve read.. it’s good for hair, nails, eyebrows etc. So I grabbed one and walked over to mama who had to sit down because her back was giving her a massive pain. When mama saw me coming with the jar she asked straight out “what are you gonna do with that? Pretend that you are in Hawaii?” No my dear mother, it calls beauty hacks! Lol I never said that to her but I was thinking of it. I put it in the cart and moved on.  

And now before I went to bed {finally} I applied some on my hair and eyebrows.  Just for fun and to see if I’m allergic to it or not.. I know.. weird place to try something but really, it doesn’t work on my arm because I will remove it while sleeping {rotating.. lol!} So I applied on my eyebrows. Worse thing that could happen is.. well to be honest I don’t know.  I’m stupid when it comes to this. Lol. Hopefully nothing happens. Pray for me ghosts! Haha sorry!
So I’m in bed now. Sorry for the lack of update today. I’m so tired and I was supposed to clean but really I’ve just been sitting on a chair in my kitchen like an idiot. Lol. I have no energy left! But I will blog more. I promise 😘 much love to you! ❤

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Sleep? What is that?

Is that something you can eat? No but seriously,  it’s freaking 2am and I can not sleep. My body is tired, my head is tired, my brain .. well…. I’m wondering why it haven’t had a break down yet. I’m so exhausted after these weeks so far at the hospital. Sure I’m not doing so much but it is still exhausting. I don’t know why, it just are.

I’m fully aware that am doing duck lips on the pics and that I’m showing the tattoo. When my head is killing me, which it does every day ~ I normally lay (?) like this. I don’t know why. Just do.

Right now iam in bed, supposed to sleep but I have more luck at winning money at the lottery than be able to sleep.  For starter, I should go and remove the makeup. Ugh sounds exhausting! Haha. Too tired! But no, I’m gonna get up and remove it. And hopefully I will be able to fall asleep soon.  I will blog more soon. Gotta run and remove the makeup ~ my eyes is burning. Note to myself; STOP WEARING SO MUCH MASCARA when you’re allergic to it.