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If I can’t start in school

Excuse my face ~ no makeup on.

Well if I can’t start in school because no one has the classes, I guess I have to continue to learn by myself. Not even Spanish classes do they have. Pssh. So here we go. I will attack the Arabic now, learn how to write some words because reading arabic ~ mission impossible for me right now. I can’t read. So I have to learn how to write because there is no audio with this time. . Wish me luck! 

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Emma the student

Tuesday I went to the library and picked up these beauties and also two children books on arabic! Time to really start and learn now! No more excuses! I’ll become a translator in arabic and Spanish but I’m focusing on Spanish right now because I’ve studied that for 5.5 years before and I need to refresh it. Moving next year hopefully! Wish me luck!!!! I’m gonna need it! lol! Sorry for a bad picture! 

NOW : I’m gonna deep dive into the Spanish books and drink coca cola zero and have some cookies! Muwah!!! 

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Hey babes! The driver we had on the way down to the hospital was asking me about arabic etc and he told me of move to Dubai and focus on learning and focus on arabic. To be honest, I have actually been thinking about moving to Dubai. I’m gonna study to become a translator for embassys ~ from Arabic to Swedish and learn Spanish later. But I’m not allowed to leave Europe for an other two years so I might focus on Spanish for now. I have no idea. We’ll see what happens ~ but it would be fun to move to Dubai and study/work. Like I said, we’ll see what happens. 

The driver also said that there is tons of companies that swedish people owns and it’s easy to get a job there. Sounds good right? 👌 leave Sweden, study arabic and work in a hot country? Sounds awesome to me to be honest. 

Hmm I’ve alot to think off and work on. Dubai or Spain? Hard choice. 

Muwah Muwah my ghosts 👻👻👻

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Arabian culture

Is very fascinating for me. I really like hearing about Allah, Islam, culture etc. And I really love details such as decor that is arabic and marocco inspired you know. 

Now when We’re on the way home, I saw the driver was holding and played with a bead thingy. I was quiet at first and was thinking to myself “Emma…be quiet now!” But as usual I didn’t listen to myself so I asked him and he happily told me that he use it as a toy but many elderly people use it when they pray to Allah and so. And I was like “tell me more!” And he actually let me hold these. I didn’t know that it was allowed for an non believer to touch them and so on but the driver let me. 

They are called Tasbih ~ he googled for me on his phone and showed me many different types of tasbihs. I said straight out that they are beautiful and he told us that he has more at home but they are worth a lot of money {bragging} and he continued to tell us about tasbihs and his country  {Iran} and the culture there. So I didn’t listen to music for a long time. I was listening to 3 songs before I asked him and to be honest, I’m glad I did! I love learning new things especially things that my eyes focus on {like this beads jewelry or what to say ~ This Tasbih}. I hope we ride with him again more times because it was very interesting to listen.

Ofcourse my mom told him that I’m learning Arabic.  Every time we are in a cab either on the way to the hospital or on the way home, is it an Arabian man driving ~ SHE ALWAYS TELL THEM! Like mom, please! 

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Arabic, Hot Tea and Me

I apologize for the bad photo of me ~ lack off sleep and super tired. This is what I am doing right now, drinking hot tea in the cafeteria and listen & pronouncing arabic words and sentences.  I’m crazy I know! But hey, I’m waiting on my mother. So I must have something to do. Lol! And why not bring arabic back into my life? I love learning and talking Arabic so why not start again? 

I actually sat next to a family who spoke arabic I’m the cafeteria earlier and they saw my tattoo {the Arabic one on my thumb} and if I understood the few words I’ve learned so far, I think they were trashing my tattoo 😔 maybe I heard wrong, maybe I didn’t. But I’m 90% sure that they were trashing it. That time, it would have been very practical and good to have that hearing thing that’s going around on Facebook ~ the one you have in your ear and it would translate what ever language someone was talking. Having one of those would be great for my learning but also horrible because I would {TO BE HONEST} sneak listen to people all the time. Hey, at least I’m honest about it. Lol!

Anyway, I’m gonna return to my arabic now and wait for my mom so we can sit down and just relax a bit before going home. Muwah!

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The moment 

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Me right now and to be honest, 

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀I am not complaining a bit 😘😘

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Arabic ~ again!

Marhaban Habibis & Habibtis! Marhaban أشباح {Hello ghosts!} 
AS you can see on the headline, I’m gonna start learning Arabic again. I’m so excited! As you know, I lost time and focus to learn but now I’m really gonna start again. I’m still repeating everything I’ve learned so far ~ I remember most of it but thankfully I have my cheat list here on my blog. Woop!  And I just realized, now when I have more data/Internet on my phone, I will be able to learn ~ while waiting on my mother ~ more arabic!  How awesome isn’t that? I’m excited and happy! I’m really gonna go all in this time to learn! Learn as much as I can. Sure iam not focusing on the Alphabet, no I’m focusing on how to pronounce sentences and words  and how to write some words. I think {personally} I have more use to learn how to talk on arabic and understand when people talk arabic back. Writing comes later for me. Maybe it is wrong but hey, I’m Emma Santorini  and I have never been normal. Or so. Haha! 
So now on the way home, I will be in my lovely backseat, and listen to arabic ♡ 

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Posted ~ 2016.06.01
Self confidence is the key to success.

الثقة بالنفس مفتاح النجاح

I think I have written it right. If it isn’t.  Please comment below and let me know what it means.  Thank you! Shokran!

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My lovely ghosts! God  I have missed you guys so much! How are you all?

I have been gone from my blog because I have been at mama’s place. My sister came here and have been here for a few weeks and mama didn’t have Internet but now she do. Haha! Yay! So now I can update my blog as usual. Yay! Me so happy!

What’s new with me? Well, I have been both good and bad. But pretty much most bad because all the time, my head has been spinning around about my father and his death. All the work that isn’t done about dad and the papers. It’s really hard. But I’m trying to be positive!

Yesterday, I got a crazy idea. I started to write on arabic. Wooh so hard! But I take one word at the time!


Haha I was laughing so hard yesterday! I tried to write the word “love” on arabic. Oh shit! I don’t know how you guys can do it! How?! Haha!

My friend from Iraq told me that it was really good and that I noticed the details. Ofcourse! I wanna learn how to write properly! Haha!

But I’m back now ghosts! I will blog more now!


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My passion ♡


One of my passions except blog and photography, is learning arabic. I don’t know why but I love it. I can’t get enough from learning. Right now iam up to over 55 words and sentences but I’m not gonna stop. One day I will be able to speak Arabic fluently. Wallah, one day! Yes I mix Arabic words into my Swedish and English. Get used to it. I’m so happy to have them in my hands! The library dude also did so I could borrow the first arabic books for a longer time :’> thank you.. no wait! Shokran Gidan!


Funny part is that while I’m learning Arabic, I’m also teaching two other people! So much fun. Sometimes I use to piss my family off by saying something on arabic but some days they (C and A) is listening and trying to pronounce the words and asks what it means. So I don’t know what’s going on in their heads but I know that they are still racist but what ever!

Learning Arabic is something that keep my head focused – weird I know but really. Sure I have sad days and I cry but listening and trying to talk on arabic is like a therapy for me to deal with the loss of my father. Sure I miss him so much but it helps me to keep my head above the waterline.

And it’s a passion of mine as you already read above. And I’m so happy that I’m learning. It’s so much fun! And I get a pretty good laugh when I’m listening on arabic and it’s my turn to say it. “YEEAH HELLO!” are some of things I have said and burst into laugh. Guys, it’s so hard but so easy! Well for me it is but it’s a challenge and I like challenges.


I still get to hear racist shit and I get yelled alot that I’m learning but I don’t care. My mom wasn’t really happy about these books when she saw them by accident. But you know what, I’m 25, I’m an adult and I don’t care of what they are saying about me learning Arabic. Because at least iam doing something unless them. Haha! Yes I’m trashing my family but they are trashing me and Muslims&arabs so its even.

As long as iam happy and have something that makes me happy and focus on not fall into depressions again – I have been in such a deep depressions and I never wanna go back there – I’m gonna continue. And I have found out that learning languages makes me happy. But I can only focus on one language right now.

But, like I said, I’m only 25 and I have more years to be able to learn languages and travel and use it.