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Preparing for the baby & celebration 

Wooh, today has been one stressful day. First I haven’t felt baby move or kick today – which gives me stress – and to keep my mind occupied I started with the baby room. It’s already July 31rst today! Tomorrow it’s August 1! Omg. So me and M put the shelf back up (the glass one) and he moved the black shelf from the living room to the baby’s room and I started to organize the clothes in the boxes. Body’s in one, pants in second, jackets and t-shirts in the third and pyjamas in the last. It looks messy right now but it will get better. We just started today so be patient! Haha! The clock on the top self is actually my daddy’s. I love it and I want it to be in the baby’s room ♡ pictures and everything else will be up on the walls later. I can’t wait til everything is done. 

Top pictures is how the rocking chair looked like. Supposed to be white but yellow after someone’s ass, back and neck so I decided when I bought it that I’m gonna fix it up. So we are painting it white and gonna have a quote on the neck part but don’t know which quote yet. I’m still looking.
M also fixed the ROCKING chair. I dont know what it calls but he did work on it so now we only need to paint it a few times and it’s ready til the baby is here! One less thing to stress about. We have so much stuff right now for our baby but the only thing we need is a crib / bed and a changing table but that will come later when it’s getting closer. 

➡️ Celebration / Today we also celebrated my sister’s birthday. Funny part is, she turned 31 on 31rst and in week 31. Haha! Yesterday my sister and her husband celebrated one year as married. Can you believe it!? Time really flies! Wow! Happy birthday A and congratulations on your wedding anniversary! 

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Date time with dinosuar

Hey ghosts! Sorry for not blogging so much lately. I have been super stressed and super busy on the same time as I haven’t felt any good. Anyway, Saturday, me and the dinosaur went to the town to go to the library to print out some important papers and stuff. We ran around in the town to do errands. After that I wanted to go to the carnival that was in town for the weekend. And let me just say ~ I’ve grown up with that my whole life and I saw so much problems with the attractions, so much that needed to fix etc. I saw stuff that people normally don’t pay attention to. Anyway, I had fun! Alone time with the dinosaur, alot of laughter and smiles. He recorded  (and i) for his youtube channel that I’m gonna sit down and edit for him. Yes he does the recording and I edit. Lol! Video will come later I promise.

Can you see the Spice Girls? I was so happy when I saw the painting!!! I love them!

Even though my body was in so much pain, I had fun! We walked around, did some lotteries ~ which I won on! Woop! And he went on a ride ~ that will also be in the video later. There was one guy who worked there that was so rude. He laughed in my face when I told him that the claw machine has taken my money and wasn’t working. As a customer I know I can demand them to put up a sign that it’s not working. But getting just laughed because I wanted my money back. So angry as I was, I went to a guy who worked there and I explained what happened and he said that that guy is rude and stupid but he would fix it 🙂 so for the problems we got that little  minion and I laughed at that guy! Yes I actually laughed at the guy because he threw that toy down in pure madness and I thought he was ridiculous! 

But I didn’t let that ruin my day. We continued on with our date and let me just say that I fell asleep quickly that night. Lol! But we were both happy, we were both having fun and I told dinosaur that this is the type of date I like. Not romantic stuff like dinner at a resturant etc. 
you guys should have seen his face when we got the minion. I knew that dinosaur loves the minions and that smile. Oh wow Haha 🙂

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One evening in the town

So as you might have read, I ended up at the emergency the other day. Luckily I didn’t need to stay over the night. AlHamdulillah for that! Ugh! The hospitals gives me shivers. Anyway, after getting the permission to go home, we had some time to kill before the busses came – I had my beloved alien with me at the emergency so we hung out all off us together. Which was so nice. Girls and my husband together. A lot of laughter, smiles and everything I needed that night with all the pains etc. We walked around at the harbor and I felt so relaxed but also stressed on the same time. I was in pain and I was freezing. I only had shorts on me because it was laundry day. Ugh. And it was kinda windy at the harbor but hey, I saw the water and it made me smile. I feel like most at home when Iam at the water.


I mean, who doesn’t lve this view? Water, boats and everything! I sure do! And I really hope and wish that we one day will be able to live next to the water. That is one of my biggest dreams actually. To own a house by the water. Imagine, waking up everyday and hear the oceans waves and the birds singing and screaming? Oh wow. Makes me wanna move right now! Lol!


BeFunky gfdddddd eddddtit.png

We even saw this beauty! I mean, how gorgeous isn’t this? Pink and beautiful! Lol! I would love to have this one but nah, i would kill myself! My balance is horrible now. Before I was one of the best one on balance and now? Lol! What a joke! I even fall on flat ground! That’s how clumpsy I’ve become!



So that was a little bit about the “AFTER EMERGENCY” lol. I don’t know what I’m thinking or writing. Lol! I hope you all understand this post! Muwah!

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Sunset and stressing feelings

So lately I haven’t felt good.  Stressed, pain in stomach and body but I’m still alive. I’m actually very thankful for these moments because I know I’m alive and I know I can handle even more. On April 30th I took dinosaur to this bonfires Sweden has this day to celebrate that spring is here and we ended up that day with two girls sleeping over at our place. It was so much fun. We watched movie and laughed together. After that the pains started really bad and last night it was horrible. It ended up us going to the emergency. Blood tests, urintests etc.  Ugh. It showed that I have urine infection.  Sounds fun huh!? Not really! So I got strict orders from the doctor ~~ much rest and no sex! Yes I wrote the sex part because that’s what he said. We did the laundry yesterday but didn’t finish it because of this trip to the emergency so today we are doing it. I’m feeling better today but I still have the pain but no blood is coming so I’m happy about that.  Yes it came blood all off the sudden and apparently that is common when you have the UI.  Hm. I’ve never heard of that. So today I’m trying to rest as much as possible. Drinking alot of water and sleep for hours. I’ve already been sleeping once today ~ I feel like a kid having to take Napa during the days. Cooking dinner and watch youtube is what it says on the agenda today. Oh and laundry but my head is killing so the dinosaur is doing the most part of it. Do I need to say that iam super stressed because of all this!?

I’m gonna go now . Just wanted to pop in and post. I’ll blog more later. 

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Stay true to yourself ~ Something important to read

Put some sparkle in your life. Shine bright like a Dimond and always remember to wear your crown high and be yourself.  Never let anyone bring you down. No matter if it is an family member or a friend. Be you, do you and stay awesome. Smile to people who hates you. Smile to people who need a little bit happiness in their life. Give compliments to strangers and be happy. You never know when that one line that might be a small thing for you might mean the world to them. Tell people that they are beautiful, make them smile. Tell people that they are amazing! Spread love and not hate.

Tell Muslim people, Christian people, Jewish people ~ everyone that you love them! Show them faith in humanity.

~ Emma Santorini

One thing that I have learned during all my years of being bullied is that no matter what people say to you, you always have to stay yourself. Always stay true to yourself! Never fall for rumours, fall for the negativity people is saying. Always remember that you are unique, you are special and you have a purpose here in life. Now I don’t know what my purpose is here in life but I have discovered a long time ago that I love making people happy and smile. I love making people feel better about themselves.

This might be a weird post but I actually posted this online on Facebook and I’m shocked how much good comments and love people has given me back.  People are thanking me for writing this. The fact is, I love people. I love seeing them smile. I love hearing how much I made their days. I’m trying to stay positive and I’m always giving people compliments! Without me sharing love with people I would be so depressed. I managed to turn my depressions and negative thoughts into something positive by spreading love around me. I can walk up to strangers and commenting them on their hair, makeup, clothes and everyth8ng because that’s how iam. I have met people who got really mad on me for doing that but to be honest, I love to smile. I love to be kind. I love to share love! 

So instead of spreading hate around you or listen to hateful stuff or negative stuff ~ remember YOU ARE UNIQUE AND YOU ARE AMAZING! Put a smile on your face and make yourself happy as you make other people happy! 

Stay awesome my friends. Share if you would like ♡ people need to start show love around the world so why not share this post and write what you think of it. I love you !


Eight {8} days left!

Oh wow! It’s 8 days left til the concert I have been waiting for since September 2016! It’s crazy how fast the time goes by! But I just realized that I can’t have my camera with me on the concert! Last time I went to a concert {Selena Gomez} they confiscated two of my cameras and I sneaked the third into the concert but I got yelled at 😐 Many other people had system camera but I was the only one who got yelled at.. I think it was like over 200 people with system camera.  Oh well. I’m looking for a small camera but a one who can take good photos and video recording. Hm. I found one but it cost like 6K {6000SEK} and to be honest, I’m not really looking forward to pay that for a camera. Sure I will use the camera more than just at concerts lol! Instead of having the Canons with me everywhere I can use this. It has RAW photos and JPEG which is awesome and also WIFI .. what? Haha atleast according to the website where I found it.

I know Dinosaur won’t be so happy about it but I want a camera I can have in my bag or pocket and now when we are going on the concert, I might gonna need to sneak it in my bra 😂 YES YOU READ RIGHT! in my bra! It’s typical me though. Everything in my bra. I know I will leave my bag at the hangers they have (people work in front of it so no one can steal my bag) and sneak my phone and the camera with me. Lol!!! The question is…. pay 6K for the camera? Like I said it shoots in RAW files and also 1080 in HD video record. It sounds tempting and I will have the camera within two days.. 😐 Oh I hate this. Not knowing if I should order or not 😐 excuse me now but HELL! 😑😐 me in a nutshell.. Welcome to Emma’s life.. where everything is chaotic, is a mess and don’t know what a no is and what is good or bad 😂 kinda.. lol! 

I will think about it and we’ll see 😐 I’m like 60% on ordering it but I need to think everything through first 😐

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Pink flowers is a sign of something special

Goodmorning ghosts! Or should I say my little flowers? It’s spring now so maybe ghosts doesn’t sound good ~ eeh no you’re my ghosts ♡ 

Right now the time is 9.35am. I can honestly say that my head is so heavy. I’ve been up since 6.45am. Just to get the dinosaur to go to school and off he went but after 15 minutes he was back… there are no school today. Um. Alright than! Now iam back in bed, gonna take a nap and rest. My head is heavy and it hurts but the headache is starting to go away ~ knock knock on hard wood. Lol. I hope. It doesn’t make me suffer so hard and horrible like it has. 365+ days with headache 24/7. Anyone wanna trade? Well you can have it for free Haha!

Today’s plans.. um. Well I don’t know really. I know that I’m gonna clean a bit and also go to the neighbor village with mom and dinosaur. Mama wants to get out from her apartment for a while which I can understand. 

So I’m gonna take a nap now, after that take a shower and later start the day! 

Goodmorning to you all ♡♡