2016 | •••♡••• · 2016 | × Gothenburg 19~22September ×


After being in Gothenburg for the very first time of my life ~ I am home. With tears close up in my eyes. As you all know, I’ve been to my boyfriend. Best man every. Super sweet and no words can’t really describe him. Eight freaking hours on the train. You all know how much I complained on how much my ass hurted after the car rides to mama’s treatments.. well… man I wish it was that car ride instead of those hours on train but I finally arrived at 5.40pm ~ the train was delayed as usual. When I arrived at the station I wrote to him that I was there and he came and met me up. I was near to start cry. Why? He came with nine beautiful roses… for me! Unfortunately I forgot them at his place and I remembered them when we were on the bus on the way to the station. I still feel so bad about it! Makes me really sad! 😢

It was the very first time I’ve ever got flowers like this. I love them! I has to go to the drugstore to get asthma medicines because I forgot mine at home.. How??

We had our dates on Wayne’s, Ikea, Starbucks, Espresso house, and we visited a big garden with palmtrees and beautiful flowers. Sat by a fountain and more. I love all these moments we got to share with each other and I really appreciate that he took his time off from work to be with me, show me around etc.

We did so much on these days, played with the girls Daisy and Gracie {the family’s kids}, he showed me music and videos from his country, we went on Universium, stood outside Liseberg because it was closed on the day he had planned for us to go there. We had dinner dates on subway, burger King and hard rock cafe. We went shopping ~ new shoes, jeans and shirts for him ♡ he looks smashing in it. Damn guys! I asked if I could show you guys him but he said no and I respect that. But I will sneak a photo later when he has the outfit ok and show you {covering his face ofc}. What else did we do? Oh we went on one of these mini trains like they have in San Francisco. I don’t know what they call but they are sooooooo cute! We did so many things guys. I could write a freaking novel but I won’t write anymore about this. Haha! 

At Starbucks I ordered a Caramel Frappuccino. It was OK but it ended up that he first stole it and than I gave it to him. They spelled his nickname wrong ~ He has been called Honey since he was a kid and I said that to the dude who worked at Starbucks but they wrote ‘Hani’ and I said that I want him to write “& Emma” So it looks funny. Hani & Emma haha I’m teasing him with that. But it’s OK.  

October 3rd we will together again ♡ and on 26th or so, I’ll go to him and we will go on Liseberg on Halloween. He knows how much I love Halloween and I want to take the girls out on trick or treating ♡ I miss them 😢


2016 | •••♡••• · 2016 | × Gothenburg 19~22September ×

Four days of happiness 

I don’t know how this man does it, but I’m smiling nonstop, laughing and is always happy. I can not stop smile! I’m happy, I’m so happy that I can fly away! Lol.

I’m on my way home now and I’m so sad! I don’t wanna leave him. I don’t wanna be away from him. I didn’t cry though! So that’s a point for me. But yeah. Hopefully he will come to me next week and stay longer than four days.. but .. I need to clean my place better 😂

I will ALWAYS remember these four days, our first dinner date at IKEA restaurant  {we both craved that}, our first {well his} Ice Tea Lemon on Wayne’s ~ I think I made him addicted. Lol! Last night we had our dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and it was so cozy. We did so many things that was a first time for us and I’m happy that he shared them with me.