2016 | Food

Hot and Spicy

So last night it was my turn {third day} to make dinner and I was craving chicken. So I decided to make this dish. Really good and you make it on less than 30 minutes.

× × × R e c i p e × × ×

4 chicken breast

2 Red Onions

1 can of corn

1 cucumber

1 yellow and red paprika

4dl rice

How to make it; 

1. Cut the chicken breasts in pieces while heating the frying pan up. Boil water for the rice ~ a pinch of salt in the water. Pour the rice in the pot when it bubbles ~ turn the heat down one or two levels. Don’t forget to stir it from time to times 

2. Put butter in the pan and wait til it bubbles and turn down the heat one or two levels. 

3. Pour the chicken in the pan and spice it with curry, chicken spice and extra hot chili powder. ~ Take as much as you want. 

4. Stir it so it doesn’t burn and put a lid on and stir from time to times.

5. Chop the vegetables and the red onion and put it on a plate

Dont forget to keep an eye on the chicken! Fry it til the water from the chicken is almost gone.

This is what I came up with from my head. Enjoy! 

2016 | Food

Table for three please

So tonight me and M is having my niece Alicia sleeping over at our place and we decided to take Alicia out and eat pizza. So a table for three please ~ we just came home from the dinner dates and now I’m ready to fall asleep. That burger, holy cow it was massive! I had to force myself to press it all down. Ohmygod. Now I don’t feel so good. I never feel good anymore after having a pizza, or a burger or so once in a while. Bleh! But hey, it makes me stay away from it so it’s a win win..ish situation. 

The plans for tonight is ~ movie night {me and M has started watching a movie before bed now} with Alicia, have a cozy time and just have fun. I’m just nervous on what movie it will be…. it’s Alicia’s turn to choose and um.. her taste is unique. 

2016 | Food

Lunch request 

So we always eat a little bit late lunch because we are not hungry at noon but that’s alright. Today lunch was a request by me ; Vegetables and tortilla. So good! I don’t know what he puts in it other than some spices and wok ~ broccoli, carrots, peas, red onion and more.  I don’t know everything. But it is so good but this time it was too spicy! like.. it burns in my mouth. Haha! Well as long as my stomach is on my side it’s all good.

I’m joking with M and Elin by saying that I will fart fire. Haha! 

2016 | Food

Swedish dinners

So, I’ve been sitting for a while now and thought of what is typical swedish house food.. and.. it ended up me looking on Google.  The reason is, I don’t eat variations or what it calls. I only eat chicken! But now I’ve managed to write a small list of some food that I eat and hopefully M as well. 

Excuse my handwriting. It’s not good but at least I can read it. Lol! Maybe some of the food meals aren’t swedish but it doesn’t matter ~ I like it and I want him to try it as well. On the list it says {I’m not writing all off them, just a few} mashed potatoes with meatballs and cream sauce, pancakes/waffles, lasagne (wrong spelling on the picture I know), potatoes with meatballs and cream sauce and jam. So hopefully he is willing to try because after googling some ideas for swedish food. . . wooh makes me wanna make them all and eat! So I will make them. But . . . . . mama needs to teach me how to do a real lasagne and macaroni box.. hm.. can you all say #missionimpossible ? Lol 😂👏

2016 | Food

SUNDAY DINNER : Spicy Vegetables 

So today it was M’s turn to do dinner and he made this. Really good! Not too spicy nor not to tasteless. It was perfect and my stomach doesn’t hurt either! So I’m happy! While having dinner, we were watching a funny show from his country. I didn’t understand anything but the clips were funny.

Tomorrow it is my turn to make dinner ~ Swedish food.. The question is, what should I do? Elin gave me a receipt to one typical food and I told M about it but the look off he’s face… It’s a no. So I’ve to think of something else. Also pancakes is off the table. Wonder if I would make waffles. That’s good. He liked my pancakes so maybe he will like my waffles as well. OH WAFFLES AND BUTTER! Omg heaven! 

2016 | Food

Candlelight dinner

Just because we don’t have a kitchen table, M decided to have a Candlelight dinner in the livingroom but instead of sitting in the furnitures, he took two chairs so we sat on them. The food was kinda strong it had this heat that was enough for me but I really really like it.

Tomorrow it is my turn to make the dinner ~ Swedish food. We have talked about making dinner every second day. Like today M did the dinner, tomorrow I’ll make the dinner, he will do it the day after and so on. So we will both have mixed food 🙂 looking forward. So now I’m trying to decide what swedish food am gonna cook tomorrow. hm!

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Taste of India 

First time M is cooking for me and ofcourse it is Indian food.  I’m nervous to try it. Just because I can’t eat too spicy food but from the little test I took, it was good. So good actually! I have his permission to upload that photo of him I asked and showed him and told him that it is for my blog.

Today we have been moving all the boxes well he has because I don’t know what’s wrong with me. My back is killing me and nothing works. Not cream, painkillers or anything. It’s annoying. Anyway, now our bed is in the livingroom for now but it’s alright because now we can lay in bed and watch a movie 🙂  The downside of this all….is that the bedroom is full off boxes.. but it’s alright!