2016 | × Gothenburg ~ Halloween ×

Halloween at Liseberg

Oh my God! how!? I totally forgot to show you guys some photos I took when me and M was celebrating Halloween at Liseberg {amusement park in Gothenburg}! UGH! So stupid of me! 

All these photos are taken by me and my beloved cellphone ~ copyright on all off them. Please respect ♡ 

I will show you guys more photos later. Right now it is over 3am here in Sweden and I need to sleep! So sorry! Muwah! 

2016 | × Gothenburg ~ Halloween ×

In bed finally

Finally we are in bed. well, M has been sleeping for an hour and I’ve been on the phone with my other half ~ Habibti {Elin} while I decided to do the dishes. ME and M were at a place in Sweden ~ like Ikea but with a lot of other things. We bought so much stuff for our apartment and Christmas presents so I decided to do some dishes of some things we bought ~ new mugs for him, some glasses for him and his whiskey ~ ew and some other stuff. The whole ” party ” as we call it in Sweden ended up at almost 2000SEK ~ 200€ ~ 212.8$ . Which is alright, Christmas presents and more. 

On the top picture you can see M’s bag and my pillow. Behind that, my black bag and the big big bag is the one we bought at the store we bought things for our home. Trust me… it was sooooooo heavy! Pssh. But now it’s all good. I will show you later some stuff we bought. 

When we came to Hudiksvall the snow was falling so much and I was just wearing short leggings. . I regretted that so so much. 

I’ll  blog more later, because right now I need to sleep. I’ve  a doctor’s appointment tomorrow ~ sigh. Goodnight Ghosts and pumpkins ♡

2016 | × Gothenburg ~ Halloween ×

Stockholm and home

Okey so I forgot to take a picture off all our things. Hopefully I will be able to take one before my brother comes and pick us up at the train station ~ yes iam nervous. it’s the first time M is meeting my brother and you all know how my family is. 

Right now we are on the way to Gävle’s train station and after that I think it is only two more stops. not sure though. 

We are home in an hour and 15 minutes ish. Well not home but in Hudiksvall on the train station there. 

Sorry guys, ivery tried now for five minutes to upload ONE photo for this post but it’s not working. I will post when I come home. Muwah !

2016 | × Gothenburg ~ Halloween ×

I’m not alone

Hey my lovely ghosts and pumpkins ! iam now on the way back home but iam not alone no my fiancé is coming with. We are going home. Yes home. He is today officially moving to me so from now on it will be our home! I’m so so happy! You guys have no idea! 

We have SO MUCH stuff with us. Ohmygod! You all saw the stuff I had with me when I was going to Gothenburg… Well that is nothing. ohmygod ! I’ll take a picture when we at switching train in Stockholm.

 Wow guys! I can not stop smile and yeah. I wish you guys could see how happy iam right now. 

2016 | × Gothenburg ~ Halloween ×

Heaven for me

This is heaven for me . Get permission to play my type of music which is Motörhead, Alice Cooper, AC/ DC etc. Today when everyone got ready to go to a store { I don’t remember the name } the wife { Sammy } gave me permission to play these songs. Usually they play Punjabi music which I don’t mind. I like it ~ colorful, playful, good music etc. Only problem is that I don’t understand what they are singing. Haha! I even surprised M that I knew some parts of a song I really like. I’ve told him earlier but I think he didn’t believe me until he played the song. I only need to say ” play the happy song ” and he knows exactly what song it is. So i sat with him on the couch and I sang along .  He’s face? Priceless! So happy. haha!

M has to get used to listen to my type of music as well. I don’t mind his music but I wanna listen to my music as well. 

Right now, i kidnapped the remote and I’m playing Motörhead. //// I’M IN HEAVEN! 

2016 | × Gothenburg ~ Halloween ×

Sea turtle and bears

Yesterday, i was at the playground with the girls and the wife. We had a lovely time and the kids even made me join in the sandbox. I don’t remember when I was in a sandbox last. I think it’s like 10 years ago. 

The girls wanted me to do a sea turtle. Well, I tried at least.  haha. Me and Daisey made beard as well. maybe not the prettiest bears but hey, she loved them. 

Today, me and Sammy  ( the wife ) is going and Christmas shop a bit. The men will be at home I think. Good, because I need to look for Christmas presents for them. Sone I’m off to get ready. PANCAKES FOR BREAKFAST! woop! I made pancakes last night ~ M and the family had never tried it and they loved it. Especially M. I don’t know how many he ate. Haha! So I guess I’ll make pancakes more often then. 

2016 | × Gothenburg ~ Halloween ×

Car sounds and alone time 

When  ever my head is killing me, I always go outside to the playground. I love it here. I can sit in the playground for a long time, just listen to the cars driving outside the fence and just breathe. while blogging this ~ I’m sitting right here. at my spot. well me and M’s spot. we always sit here at night and watch the stars, listen to the cars and just enjoy each other’s company. 

One thing that is scary about this place is that there is running wild rabbits here. I always get scared because they jump out from no where and I’m never prepared for that. When I saw one for the first time, I screamed out loud. I was with M then and he just laughed. I made jokes and said that they are the new killers. The killer bunnies. They would eat my face. Haha ! even though I know they wouldn’t.  So funny.

I will wrap this tiny post up now because I’m going inside again to the wife and the girls. We were watching a movie and I felt that I had to go outside. But now I’m going back. I will blog more later. MUWAH !