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Confidence boost

Even if I’ve some massive problems with my piercing ~ infection – big time! ~ i have to have a cream both inside and outside of my nose ~ it gives me confidence. I don’t know why but I feel so much better with the piercing, so much better about myself. Despite the pain and problems, I don’t regret it. It hurted like a mother…. I won’t lie about that but I’m happy that I did it.

I had to change to the ring after just a few days because the pin was so small because of the swelling and put the ring in was… oh wow.. it hurts even to think about it. But I like it more with a ring than with the pin so it’s all good. Goodie in the hoodie you know. Yes I copied that from Slim. Haha! I like that expression.

More pretty before my confidence has been up and down. When I took photos of myself ~ selfies ~ I could start cry, that’s how bad my confidence was. Sure it’s not 100% but it has gained to like 75/80% ish. 

The only things I’ll do now is to dye my hair either red or go with ombre ish. Like darker brown on top and go lighter and lighter till the ends. I don’t know. I also gonna change to a more suitable ring but not for an other six months though. I’m gonna keep this one, let it heal and than maybe change. We’ll see about that.

2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}

Miss Ghost

Miss Ghost is alive. Haunting people, laughing with an evil laugh and smiles. No but for real, I’m still alive but there is so much stuff going on right now ~ mama is at the hospital, the apartment is a mess so we are cleaning it so much, babysitting, being Cinderella both to my mother and to my sister. Meetings here and meetings there. Problems with my health and ugh! But I’m still alive and I can safely say that my headache is getting better ~ finally! I’m still stressed out because there is shit loads of stuff to do around here on the same time as me and M is looking for a new place to move because on two weeks, we have got complains so many times from our beloved neighbor. Ugh. 

Today’s plans ~ except from what I’ve done so far is to continue cleaning, scrubbing the cabinets, cook and more but M won’t be able to sit on the ass ~ no he will vacuum the apartment, help me clean and mop the floors and later we will look for Christmas decorations. We have slowly started. I can’t believe it’s soon Christmas! How???? 

2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}

Winter wonderland

Okey, so as you might now… I don’t like the snow. Nope nope! But snowflakes is beautiful and I love the fact that there is no snowflake that is the same! Different beauty! 

Yeah, I’m swollen in my face and body. I don’t know why 😣😔 but it is really annoying! 

2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}

Feeling sorry and million of thoughts.

When you have a million thoughts going on in your head and is getting frustrated of not knowing the answers to them. 

Hey ghosts and pumpkins! It’s november 3rd today and me and M are good. We are both tired after the long trip but we are making us feeling at home. We are slowly mixing India into the Swedish home. I’m happy. I’m truly happy. I can’t ask for a better man. He comforts me when I’m sad and cries, he really cares about me. I’m not used to that. To have someone {Except Habibti} caring so much about me. I don’t know what to do or say nor how to act. 

We have been talking about the future together and I can honestly say ~ I can’t wait! Talking about the future together makes me smile so so so much. Yeah I know what you all are thinking ~ well maybe some of you ~ “it’s to early for all that” Yeah people would think that but I don’t and I know that M thinks the same. 

Sorry for not being so active in the blog. Hopefully I will be better now when we are at home and we get into routines together.  Today we have been cleaning and tomorrow we are carrying all those damn boxes from the livingroom to the bedroom and we will put the bed in the livingroom.  Yeah I know.. it’s weird but those boxes is pissing me off.. so they gotta go! 

// right now I’m feeling so bad for M. He has already gone to sleep and it’s not even 10pm here in Sweden. Why? Because he’s back is killing him. So I have been acting a nurse now for a few moments and hopefully he is feeling better tomorrow.  

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Ghosts and pumpkins !

My beloved Ghosts and Pumpkins ! I apologize so much for not updating the blog as much as I did before! There is many reasons why, One; I’m exhausted so I’m almost only in bed and sleeping. Two; every problems in my life right now is getting bigger and makes me so worried, nervous and scared. These two is a very big reason {there is more though} why I haven’t blogged so much. I will not make a promise to start update with five to ten posts a day but I will try to update more than I have. 

In 24H I will be on the train, wwell my ass will have been on the train for one hour and nine minutes. I’m going to Göteborg  { Gothenburg  } but first, I must go to Gävle to the hospital with mom. 

I’m off to bed again. I just woke up and had to run out to the laundry room. Goodnight!

2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}

The year is 2008

My niece Alicia was at my place last night and she told me that she’s gonna be Harley Quinn on Halloween so I went to the bathroom, gathered my makeup ~ lipstick, eyeshadow you name it and started to give her so she could really dress up like her. I asked her if she wanted to see how I looked like before {iI saw a black eyeliner. That’s why} and she said yes, so I started to put eyeliner on like this and the eyebrows..man.. this is how I used to look like…in public and everywhere! So embarrassing !

When I had this fabulous makeup I was in this “era” off so called scene and emo. Pssh omg. I had big puffy hair, i usedn one hairspray bottle per week, I have no idea how many brushes and stuff I’ve destroyed. I’m too scared of even think of how my hair felt back then. Like, I brushes the hairspray out, put on more the next day cuz then it was perfect to style the hair.. I don’t know how much black eyeshadow and eyeliner I used, and the skills on my eyebrows. Pssh two simple lines. 

I did this makeup and I burst out in laugh! Omg! A started to laugh like hell and I just had to text M and show him on camera  {he was working} and I told him “are you sure that you wanna see how I used to look like?” HE said yes and laughed. And I asked are you sure and than I showed him… the look off he’s face …. PRICELESS! I wish I could have recorded it! Omg. The look and the laugh with that look. Omg. So now he knows how I used to look like.

I was young and stupid, now I’m just old and fcked up. Haha! I’m glad I grew up and ugh. The “pose” I’m doing on the right photo is the pose I usually always did when I took photos of myself or so. Always some weird faces. 

2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}

New haircut 

My hair is really damaged and was in need for an hair cut. I had long hair and I think it is short now and don’t ask me what my sister-in-law have done. She chopped off 10CM of my hair and than I have no idea… if you look on the picture to the right….she has cut my hair so it’s longer in front and shorter in back.. like..NO! but ah well..hopefully it will grow out fast.

The picture to the left is taken at their home so I don’t have my engagement ring on there because.. no one else but my mom knows and I had a black phonecase on and also no bracelets but when I came home, I changed it back to the white and I instantly put the ring back on my finger (and tried the new bracelets) ~ even though my niece A was here. She saw the ring but she has no idea what it means. So I guess that’s a good thing? I don’t know when we are gonna tell everyone but probably soon, or we might have to stage something. I don’t know yet. We’ll see.

Tomorrow I hopefully have a better photo of my hair. It feels good to not have the damaged hair at the ends but it’s so weird to not have it either and to have it so short. Eh! It’s just a thing I’ve to get used to. Hopefully my man thinks it’s good..even though I told him that it’s short and he don’t like short hair.. I’m scared. I showed him the right photo but I will show him next time when we are on camera.

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Seven days

Holy cow! It is only seven days ~ one week til I’m on the train on my way to Gothenburg again! My bag is already packed ~ almost, there is a few things I need to pack down. But really, seven days!? Omg. We have been apart for fifteen days. Wow. Already. It feels like months. But that’s in the past and now the future is showing me positivity! First this trip, than the trip back home but the best part is that he is going with me! Yay! Than our first Christmas, Christmas celebration with my other half, my soulmate Elin ♡ and her family. I’m not gonna go into details of why but that’s how our Christmas will be.

Sorry for putting pixels over his face but I respect him and he doesn’t want me to post photos in general of him but I want too so that’s why I’m covering his face.

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The heart ♡

Hey guys! So yesterday I had this kind of a bad day but on the same time it wasn’t bad. Oh it’s so hard to explain. Anyway, it was one of those days when you think makeup will make everything okey. So I made my makeup while trying to sing on arabic and Punjabi I think it calls. I tried to make myself in a better mood but really, it was so hard.

I decided to do my makeup a little bit darker than I normally have and Lord save me. It was so dark and I really looked like a raccoon with big ass eyebrows. In my mind I was like “I WANNA REMOVE IT!!!!!!” But I didn’t because I wanted to see my man’s reaction and trust me ghosts, when he called and saw the makeup. Omg.. PRICELESS! so after he saw it I removed the eyebrows. It was so horrible but the look on his face.. man.. I wish I took a screenshot! Wonder if I should do those eyebrows when I’m in Gothenburg? Lol! Yeah I think I will! Haha!

The necklace ♡ 

As you night remember, M gave this to me when he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I absolutely love it but unfortunately I can not wear it. Why? Because I’m allergic to it 😢 yes ghosts, I’m allergic to the necklace! So I had to take it off after a couple of days after I got it. It made me so sad because I love wearing it. Yesterday, I put it on and I had it for some hours ~ not long ~ and I had to take it off. I’ve told him about this so when iam in Gothenburg we’ll look for an other chain so I can wear it. Hopefully we will find something. We’ll see. I cross my fingers that we do.

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀♡ 12 ♡ 35 ♡ 12 ♡ 17 ♡ 172 ♡

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀these countdowns is very important to me

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What can I do?

Problems Problems Problems. No guys, it’s no problems between me and M. Not at all! We are both happy like birds in the morning of a summer day. Yes. I wrote something weird now. I won’t go into details or so about the problems but I really hope that everything will work out. I’m scared ~ I’m not gonna lite. I’m really scared because this problem has caused us one step back in our relationship but hopefully we will be able to take five new steps forward soon.

I have to stop think that everything is a fairytale. Everything is wonderful but from times to times life will test us but I know, together we will overcome these obstacles. We have had an wonderful time so far and now we met out first obstacle. Hand in hand, side by side, I know we will go right through them. One step back will lead us five step forward. I’m not leaving your side sweetie. I’m not abandon you. You and me ♡ 

Like I said, I’m scared but I also know that we will get through this. Hopefully.

That’s why I haven’t blogged for a few days. I’ve been on the phone with him, Elin, everyone ~ trying to figure out how to overcome this obstacle. It is a hard one. A hard nut to Crack but I’m not giving up even though sometimes it feels like I do wanna give up. With a few deep breaths I will focus again. One hour at the time. But what can I do? I don’t know. I feel so helpless. I feel so horrible for not knowing anything about this. No matter what I ask myself what I could do and can do, I can’t give myself answers. Hopefully I will get the answers on my questions soon. I wish I knew everything.