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Valentine’s day

Hey ghosts! I apologize that I haven’t blogged for few days! The reason is that we are still packing and going through the stuff! It’s insane how much shit you can collect during years even though you throw away a lot of shit. I know we won’t be done for a long time 😧 but atleast something happens in my life. Lol! 

Our valentine’s day our first together. We went to Gävle (the town I went with mom everyday for five times a week in seven weeks for her treatment) just to spend some time together without my family etc. It was really cozy to just walk around, talk about our future and everything. I love talking about that. We discovered new stores that we didn’t see the first time we were there. Lol insane! I know I found one place that is my new favorite! It’s a cd shop. Like those stores in America. I loved that store! They had all the cds I wanted but unfortunately I didn’t have the money to buy them. I found Motörhead, Helloween, AcDc, Hammerfall, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica and so many more. I didn’t cry though! Hahaha! Just kidding. But one day I will own them even though cds is like.. from the Greek antique time. Lol. 

Mom thought we were in hudiksvall but we weren’t. Lol. We took the bus at 8.20am to the town and than the train at 9.33am to Gävle. We both fell asleep on the train. We were so tired of waking up so early but hey, lately I have been waking up so early but still I’m tired. Lol! Sure I’ve had a few days where I slept longer than usually but like I said to the Dinosaur ~ it’s a miracle that I’m still is up and walking around. ~ so yeah. That was our valentine’s day. Cozy and simple. It was perfect ♡


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