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Welcome to my little corner here on the Internet! My name is Emma Santorini and I currently lives in Sweden together with my fiancé Manne. I’m 26 years old ~ turning 27 in August.

My blog is about BEAUTY | PHOTOGRAPHS | LEARNING SPANISH AND ARABIC | HEALTH | DAILY LIFE | LOVE | FAMILY | DIY ~ and soon being a student to become a translator in the languages Spanish and Arabic. My blog is also about positivity and a new start ~ new chapter in my life.


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I shared MY OPINION and hell broke lose

Okey guys. So I’m a member in a group on Facebook ~ only for girls ~ where I shared my opinion about girls in age 12 shaving their legs. My opinion is that it is WRONG! Why? Because I hate the fact that kids in that young age is trying to act like they are 20 or something. I shared my opinion where I said it is wrong and I asked for other girls opinions as well on that and they all ended up jumping on me etc and I decided to not answer the status and just let people write what ever they want. To be honest, I would be so upset if my niece decided that she wanted to shave her legs. First of All, I can’t stop her. I’m not her parent but I would ask her why and try to talk to her about it. But like I said, I wouldn’t stop her but I would make sure that she would tell me the reasons first. 

I know, many girls are shaving their legs, arms and you name if and it’s not up to me but I know that if my future daughter or daughters feel the need to wanting to shave their legs at that age I would sit down and ask them why and listen to them. I know I’m not alone on this because I posted on my personal page and so many agrees with me. 

So I shared my opinion and people is attacking me for not agreeing on their opinions which is sad because the fact that I will never change my opinion and they are calling me names, cussing me out etc but really, go a head. I said my opinion and I stand for it. 

I do think it is wrong for young girls to try act like they are older, to get their approval from people. What’s wrong with being a kid? Is it really that horrible? Why rush into adulthood when you should enjoy being a child. Having fun and not needing to feel like adults do. Hell, if I could turn back time to be a kid again I would! I miss my childhood.

Weird post I know but trying to write a post on the same time as dinosaur is sitting next to me watching YouTube as I’m getting text messages etc.. it’d hard to keep focus but I hope you all u understand what I mean with this post and please share your opinion but don’t be rude on people.

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Preparing for a vacation

Yes guys, you read right. I’m gonna have a small vacation with the dinosaur for a few days. We need to get out from here during all this shit that is going on. We are still gonna be in Sweden but far away from here. We are going to Gothenburg for one important meeting and than to hang out with the family down there. It’s gonna be so much fun. We both need this during this time and we are both actually looking forward to it. To be with the parents and the girls like a small family. To create new memories and have a blast. A lot of laughter and a lot of smiles. I can’t wait. So the freak iam I’ve already written a list and soon gonna start pack ~ not yet though. We are leaving for Gothenburg on June 6 (Swedish national day) and we are coming home on June 10. So 4 days away from here. I can’t Wait! The only thing iam not looking forward to is that train trip. So many hours just sitting and doing nothing. I’m not looking forward to that and I’m sure that M is neither. 

Other than that,  I know we are gonna have so much fun! So I’m counting down the days! Woop! 
Also a side note here; the reason why I haven’t blogged for a while is because it’s a war going on here and it has taken all my energy and focus from things. And a lot of doctors appointments and hospital and ugh. But hopefully everything will calm down soon! 


17 May ~ Happy national day Norway 

Okey so that might be a weird headline from me but actually it’s not. Like America celebrates 4th of July, Norway celebrates 17th of May. It’s the national day or what it calls for them and on June 6 it’s Sweden’s day. The reason why I write happy national day Norway is because my sister A’s husband is from Norway 🙂 But don’t worry. No one knows about my blog. Only that I blog but not the name. Lol! 

A sad part of this day though is that today it is five or six years ago a friend of mine passed away in cancer ~ stupid disease!!! And also today it is 431 days ago my dad went back to heaven. How is it possible? How can the time fly pass so fast!? My dad my beloved father has been an angel for soon 500days! It’s insane! 😖 i..like…. can’t believe it. So crazy! 

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Date time with dinosuar

Hey ghosts! Sorry for not blogging so much lately. I have been super stressed and super busy on the same time as I haven’t felt any good. Anyway, Saturday, me and the dinosaur went to the town to go to the library to print out some important papers and stuff. We ran around in the town to do errands. After that I wanted to go to the carnival that was in town for the weekend. And let me just say ~ I’ve grown up with that my whole life and I saw so much problems with the attractions, so much that needed to fix etc. I saw stuff that people normally don’t pay attention to. Anyway, I had fun! Alone time with the dinosaur, alot of laughter and smiles. He recorded  (and i) for his youtube channel that I’m gonna sit down and edit for him. Yes he does the recording and I edit. Lol! Video will come later I promise.

Can you see the Spice Girls? I was so happy when I saw the painting!!! I love them!

Even though my body was in so much pain, I had fun! We walked around, did some lotteries ~ which I won on! Woop! And he went on a ride ~ that will also be in the video later. There was one guy who worked there that was so rude. He laughed in my face when I told him that the claw machine has taken my money and wasn’t working. As a customer I know I can demand them to put up a sign that it’s not working. But getting just laughed because I wanted my money back. So angry as I was, I went to a guy who worked there and I explained what happened and he said that that guy is rude and stupid but he would fix it 🙂 so for the problems we got that little  minion and I laughed at that guy! Yes I actually laughed at the guy because he threw that toy down in pure madness and I thought he was ridiculous! 

But I didn’t let that ruin my day. We continued on with our date and let me just say that I fell asleep quickly that night. Lol! But we were both happy, we were both having fun and I told dinosaur that this is the type of date I like. Not romantic stuff like dinner at a resturant etc. 
you guys should have seen his face when we got the minion. I knew that dinosaur loves the minions and that smile. Oh wow Haha 🙂


Where’s my Oscar’s?

Last night, me and the dinosaur joined my nephew fishing. Everything went well except G losing his temper because there was no fish. Lol! When we were gonna change location, all off the sudden a man showed up in a big car and in my head I said to myself that it is the fishing police ~ yes. Sweden actually has that. FISHING POLICE! Just that word makes me ashamed of Sweden.  Lol! Anyway, the man approach us and told us one thing and other and asked if we had fishing card and that’s when I put my acting  skills on. I played that I didn’t know that you had to have that ~ even though I did but I never heard of someone getting caught fishing. We were fishing in a stream! Like what! Anyway, so this man was gonna give us some big ass fine tickets and when he was gonna do that I said to him “thank you for the warning! We will go now” and the man left. So I saved us from 12K in fine tickets! What!? That’s 4K per person! (12K in Swedish money is 1355$ American Dollars) FOR FISHING!? WHAT THE ACTUALLY F*CK! So I saved us some shit loads of money. We went home and I said to M, no more fishing until we have cards and permissions.  

My acting skills were off the hook! I played so good that when M and my nephew believed me. Haha! So where’s my Oscar’s? Golden globe? Etc 😂 I’m pretty proud of myself. 


When a soul is lost and I can’t help the soul to find home 

Today I woke up at 4.30am. Today is probably gonna be one of my hardest day every in my life ~ well one of the hardest. Nothing beats the loss of my father and nine months earlier almost the loss off my mother. 

4.35am I read the text messages that my soulmate has sent me. I read one sentence “don’t get panicked when you read!” I rushed into her blog which I will not share this time. Out of respect to her.

I read the first post and I felt how my stomach was hurting. The panic I had when I was reading.  Trying to hold my tears away. She was writing how she really felt. Something I though I knew all about but I was wrong. I read the first post and with panic in me I started to read the second post. It was about her childhood.. some parts I knew about but this..this made me tears falls so hard. M came in to the kitchen and asked what was wrong and what I was reading about. With tears falling and broken voice I said I read about my soulmate. He knew right away that he was gonna need to cheer me up. I told him to read the first post ~ not the second! While he was reading, I was trying to controll my feelings, trying to controll my tears. How is this possible? How is it possible to feel the way she does? My soulmate’s soul is so lost, so broken, so hurt and I don’t know what to do. I felt everything just rush down on me. All feelings, thoughts. Everything.. this girl, that I met on the very first Spanish class in high school. This girl who knows how to make me smile and laugh. This girl who has so much power and intelligence that can scare anyone.  How is it possible that she can feel like this? Her childhood. Her childhood made her like this. I wish I could just make every single memory of her childhood that was harming her to disappear. 

My soulmate, my alien, my other half, my partner in crime. I knew so much about you yet I knew nothing. I wish I was with you. I wish I was there to make you laugh. To make you not think of your childhood. My Habibti, it doesn’t matter how much I tell you how proud iam of you, how much I love you etc. You still makes me worried. You make me scared but iam so proud of you. I’m honored to be your best friend. I’m proud of being your best friendm I’ve seen you bloom into a beautiful woman who has learned to have your own opinions, to a woman who wants peace in the world. 

E, my half. I love you wish all my heart. Without you I wouldn’t be sitting here. You were one of my reasons to continue with my life when I was at the bottom. E, you’re an inspiration. You’ve been through so much yet you haven’t reached your point of your purpose here in world. You are a woman that one day could take over the world. One day I promise that I’ll make you proud. One day I promise that I’ll make you happier. One day I promise that I’ll make you feel safe. One day I promise that I’ll make you feel loved. I say to you often what not to do, when you feel as bad as you do. I’m talking with my own experience. E, one day I’ll make you feel better. We are sister. We are soulmates. We are partners in crime. You are my alien for f*ck sakes! A ghost would be lost without her alien. I may have my Dinosaur but being without my alien, I can’t think that way. 

I love you and I’m proud of you. Two souls that met one day to guide each other in this world. Now three souls came together and we both are proud of you. Your friendship is a gift. A gift i cherish with my life. Your intelligence scares me, your brain gives me nightmares. But I wouldn’t change anything in the world. We were born alone, we grew up apart. We found each other one day and from that day we will live together til death do us apart. This ghost need her alien.

When a soul is lost and I can’t help the soul to find home one day I will.

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First time Fishing | cold like winter & super mad

Hi Ghosts! How are you all today!? Today I haven’t felt so good but managed to get a little bit energy to go with my nephew fishing.  He called and asked if me and M could go with him and I said yes. I love fishing and I know M has never fished before so why not?! Experience for him and a lot of fun for all off us. So we went to G and I was the only one who got a fish to chase my fishing stick. Lol! G is kinda jealous of that! Haha!

First spot we fished at. We had to change location because standing like this was hurting my back so bad. So we went to an other place. 

When we came to this location I saw an owl and the boys did too so it ended up me running to the area where the owl landed but me and M didn’t find him 😦 boo. After a while being here, I decided to take the guys home for a while because my back was really hurting and I was hungry so home we went and I did mini pizzas. Which gives me throat burn all the time! But they are so damn good! Haha! After maybe 15 minutes we went out again. Time to fish! But this time we had food, drinks and a stool with us. 

I was eating one sandwich  (mini pizza) while they were fishing and then I started to fish which lead to that stupid fish chasing my stick in the water. Haha! So it all ended up us three trying to find that fish again and we did but we decided to go home. We were supposed to go fish tomorrow as well but that won’t be because we have so much to do before Monday! It’s crazy! 

So that was a little bit about few hours with my boys and a massive ass back pain. I’m posting this while being in a hot shower 😂 don’t judge me 😂