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Welcome to my little corner here on the Internet! My name is Emma Santorini and I currently lives in Sweden together with my fiancé Manne. I’m 26 years old ~ turning 27 in August.

My blog is about BEAUTY | PHOTOGRAPHS | LEARNING SPANISH AND ARABIC | HEALTH | DAILY LIFE | LOVE | FAMILY | DIY ~ and soon being a student to become a translator in the languages Spanish and Arabic. My blog is also about positivity and a new start ~ new chapter in my life.


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2017 · 2017 | Photos

Back home

And now iam back home again. Bleh. This time without the dinosaur 😣 he had to go to Göteborg  (Gothenburg) again! I really don’t like being apart from him. I know I know, let him go. Iam!!! Or else I wouldn’t let him go? He has an important meeting down there and hopefully everything goes well! And also that he can be transferred to here, it would be much easier! 

So the alarm went off at 6.45am and I woke well I was gonna wake the dinosaur up at 7am but he was already up. Lol! 8.20am bus in and 9am the train left. Since than I’ve been walking around, killing time because the bus back left at 12am/pm 😣 so annoying but I bought some food to take home and I played pokemon 😂😅 yes I still play that! So now iam home, cooking and have no interest of getting dressed again and go over to my sister to help her carry down stuff to the storage room. But I have too. She only has me 😫 ah well.

The photo has nothing to do with the post. It is a hell off a snowstorm here but I didn’t take any pic of that. Maybe later. We’ll see.

2017 · 2017 | Photos

Pink flowers is a sign of love

Me and my husband took a break from packing, tossing etc and went out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine. The sun is shining on the snow, shining through the trees and I felt a little bit calm. A moment to breathe from all the stress. Sure we only walked to the store but still.  It’s a beautiful day ♡ I love days like this.

Even if the sunlight is hurting my head I wanted to go out. I put on shades and didn’t care what people said. It’s spring for me and soon I can walk barefoot ♡ I can’t wait! Everyone knows that when I take my special shoes out from the closet and start walk in those, it’s spring and when I walk barefoot it’s summer. Haha! Lovely! This half year will be a very interesting year. I won’t tell you guys yet except the wedding as you all know but trust me, it will make me feel better ♡ 

2017 · 2017 | Photos

Donating blood

In the middle off all this chaotic stress, I got an appointment to donate blood ~ I’m a blood doner~ and me and the dinosaur went to the town to go to the hospital. While being there on always have to fill out a health form. Said and done, I did that, sat down and drank from a juice box. I only had two zips and they called my name. The nurse went through the health form and landed on one question that made me sad.. Just because of my piercing I’m not and looked to donate any blood 😭 maybe later they didn’t know. It sucks ass! I’ve been looking forward to be able to donate blood again but no 😧😑✋🚫 it was a big no no. 

I’m upset! I will show you guys photos I took today instead ♡ more come later. I took photos of a real cutie! I have to show u later! 

2017 · 2017 | Photos

Sunset ♡

The sunset tonight was fantastic. Me and the dinosaur went to the store and when we came out From There we saw this! I knew I had a little battery on my phone but I took a chance and hurried up taking photos!. I love sunsets and I can’t wait til summer to take A Lot Of Photos! I know I have to expand my equipment but that I will do with time. Right now I’m drooling over a new camera but I still don’t wanna let go of my 450D. Lol ! One day though ♡ All I know is that I really miss going out for photo walks and just take photos. If I had a working laptop I would be able to do that but I find no interest of taking photos when I can’t edit the colors and sharpness. Oh well. Maybe later.


The sun is shining

But my apartment is dark.. why? All these boxes! And worse part is.. today there will be more boxes! How long have we done this now!? I have no idea but I do know that I’m going crazy! The reason why we also is packing are so me and the dinosaur can make a home for us! A simple home with not so much things all over the place. I really can’t wait til these boxes is gone! Selling boxes, the donation boxes and what to keep boxes. 

Trust me when I say that these boxes will haunt my dreams, I’m being honest! I have already had some dreams about these boxes! They attack me! 😂 that’s how tired iam of boxes and shit. Haha! The boxes attacks me in my dreams! That’s insane!!

Anyway the time is now 11.20am and I’m gonna start packing again. You have no idea how sick and tired iam of that. Lol! Blog more later! And sorry for not having so much photos to show lately! I will make sure that I will have some from now on. Even if it is just of nature. In Sweden it is winter but for me it is spring! 

2017 · 2017 | Wedding Plans

My boy lollipop | Wedding plans ~ American old cars ♡

Hey ghosts! How are you? Me? Lol that’s a funny question! I’m tired and my back is killing. While the dinosaur is sleeping, I’m packing but right now I’m cooking something to eat and I’m gonna try make the dinosaur to eat as well. Indian food ~ the chicken. I’m so tired of swedish food. Bleh! I decided to do Indian food. One thing I suck at when it comes to that is the spices  😂 I either spice too much or too little! Never in between.  Thank God it’s a quick dish to make. It takes around an hour or less. The ones that takes the longest time is that cutting of onions, ginger, garlic and chicken. Oh well.

My boy lollipop  song is going on repeat. First it was Charlene Carter and than the fountains, Sandy Posey and now Millie. Haha! Old music is the gold! I admit it. I love old music like this. Imagine my cutter I grew up in. Well it’s not really a Swedish culture but for me it is my culture because I grew up with it ~ Old American Cars, 50s music and everything. I love it! So will my future children grow up in. The problem is that I need to save up shit loads of money to be able to buy an Cadillac 65 ♡ My dad had one of those! He pretty much had one of each brand. He only wanted a hot rod and than he have owned one car of each brand. 

I know how my wedding will be like. Dad’s old club will come in their American cars and the president is a family friend of our so we will go for rides in his car ♡ love! Beach wedding with American cars and 50s ♡ perfect! 

2017 · 2017 | Photos

Testing the camera

Dinosaur is sick! UGH! He has high fever and is actually sleeping full dressed plus my blanket under an other blanket. My Dinosaur 😦 ♡

While dinosaur is sleeping, I’m laying next to him but I’m not tired. Instead I’m going through my phone’s settings and messing around with the lights and the camera. I love taking photos like this. I don’t know why. They are so interesting and you can never get two of the same pattern which is fenomenal! I absolutely love it! ♡ Do you like taking photos like this? Comment and tell me 🙂 also what kind of motives have you tried to get? I try to do a heart but nope. That is a fail so I’ve given up on that. Lol!