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Welcome to my little corner here on the Internet! My name is Emma Santorini and I currently lives in Sweden together with my fiancé Manne. I’m 26 years old ~ turning 27 in August.

My blog is about BEAUTY | PHOTOGRAPHS | LEARNING SPANISH AND ARABIC | HEALTH | DAILY LIFE | LOVE | FAMILY | DIY ~ and soon being a student to become a translator in the languages Spanish and Arabic. My blog is also about positivity and a new start ~ new chapter in my life.


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Breastfeeding in public

This will be a post about breastfeeding in  public. This topic seems to be a very high spoken topic all over the internet. This post will contain my opinions and thoughts but I’m more than welcome and open to hear your opinions about it. 

Around the world, women becomes mom’s everyday. They are blessed with the most precious gift in the whole world. I’m one of them. I’m currently pregnant with a baby boy that’s due between October 27 and November 3rd, 2017. On the internet, women gets hate for breastfeeding in public because it gross people out. I don’t understand Why? The mom is feeding their baby who wants food! It’s a natural thing, it’s a beautiful thing! On Facebook, people are free to post what’s on their minds, and everything. I had one post that I shared about a mom who BREASTFED her child. For me, it is something beautiful but people were bashing and negative this woman. I salute women who breastfeeds in public. 

If I go out with my friends and grab a coffee and I have my son with me who’s screaming for food, would I take my titty out and feed him? YES! I would! Because it’s natural! People is saying that mom’s should feed the baby before leaving home. Its disgusting to see it etc. How can it be disgusting!? It’s perfectly fine for girls with see through shirts and tops, show their titties – they will get comments as “Yes! Slay it! Work it!” Etc but when a mom is taking her titty out it’s disgusting. Why? Why is it disgusting? We have titties as well! Sure we have milk in ours that feeds a child when it’s hungry but nooo that’s disgusting ! Why, Why is it disgusting? 

The social media and people’s mind is something i will never understand. I always wonder why people thinks it’s gross to see someone breastfeed. I don’t know how many times I’ve been seeing women breastfeed their kids and gets negativity from people around, saying nasty shit etc. That’s where I come in to the picture. I protect them. I stand up for them. I don’t know how many times I’ve been yelling at people who’s been saying horrible stuff to women who breastfeeds. Sorry to disappoint you honey, but your mom BREASTFED you in public too. Why can’t people just shit their mouths and walk away? Leave the women alone! Let them feed their baby in peace. Let them have that moment to create a bond with their child. Let them be a mom.

When my baby is born, I will breastfeed my child in public and guess what, I won’t give a fuck of what people say. It’s gonna be a precious moment between me and the little tiny human I’ve created. That little bundle of joy me and my man has created.

I salute women, I salute mom’s. I salute their moments together with their child. I’ll always stand up for them. Because it’s natural, its beautiful, it’s wonderful and their smile they have when someone has stood up for them, is priceless. I will not cover myself or my baby when I have this time with my child and neither should anyone else. I will not lock myself in my own house just because I’ve a baby who needs my titty. I applaud stores and cafes who has signs up “You’re allowed to breastfeed here” . Because that’s a right thing to do. Let mommy’s feed their baby’s in peace. If you don’t like it, look away. Don’t take pictures and add on Facebook. Don’t bash someone who got the gift of life. Don’t be nasty to mommy’s who’s taking care of their child. 

Let mommy’s have their time in peace with their child. They are feeding he or her. They are a family.

I don’t understand how people can think it’s ok for girls walking around in their see through shirts and tops and think it’s ok but thinks it’s nasty if you see a mom taking her titty out to feed their child. 

Hell,  I can’t wait to have my child in this world so I can breastfeed him. I will do it with pride. I will do it with a smile on my face. Because God gave me this gift and it’s my responsibility to take care of this gift. 

Just walk away and shut up. 

2017 · 2017 | Pregnancy


after hearing my whole life that I will never be able to have my own kids. And few years ago I found out that I have PCOS I was told that this sickness will make me forget about being a mom. They told me to forget about my biggest dream – to become a mom. It would never happen. I have so many cysts (?) down there. I was heartbroken. My biggest dream was crushed. I cried for days. 

My dad passed away March 2016. It made me lose weight – 50kg. I was so broken. My dad was now an angel. September 2016 I met my now husband. He came into my life when I needed someone as most. He saved me from depressions of what doctors said to me, having my biggest dream smashed onto the ground. He gave me light. He gave me a reason to live. Everything happened so fast with him. Engagement, marriage in January 2017. 10 days later after our wedding, I got pregnant. I had protection in me (IUD or what it calls) and boom still got pregnant! I was in shock. I was crying rivers. Is this really happening? Am I gonna become a mom? I did many tests! I decided to do tests when my period was 11 days late. We found out at the midwife. I have cell changes so I was called back to the midwife. I asked if they could do a test and it showed positive. 
Instead of going back to the midwife in an other room, I went straight to the waiting room. Crying and pointed at my stomach. My man didn’t understand what I meant. I cried even more when I was infront of him. “I’m pregnant” was the only line I could get out of my mouth. He smiled so much. He hugged me and we cried together. We both got called back to the midwife where she asked me questions about the pregnancy..  now I’m 21 weeks today. In 19 weeks, I’m gonna have my absolute biggest dream coming true. I’m an atheist but I thank God everyday for this blessing and this gift. I thank my husband so much “Thank you for making my biggest dream come true. Thank you for making me a mom”. I’m crying right now while writing this. I’ve so much feelings that I’m holding into myself. Every day I’m thankful for this blessing. Every day I’m thanking my father for sending M (my husband) to me. 
Sorry for a long post. 


Little update

I know my blog has been off for a while and I apologize for that. There is so much family problems going on here during my pregnancy ~ me and dinosaur is ok! It’s my family that is attacking me ~ and it takes all my energy away. Plus hospital visits like crazy, just came home from a so called “mini vacation” and that wasn’t good either. I’ve a lot of negativity in my life right now that sucks all the energy from me but I’ll be back soon. I’m sorry and thank you for all your love and support.


2017 · 2017 | Pregnancy

The baby announcement !

Posted ~ 2017.06.12


One week ago, we found out that we are having a baby boy!  It has been super hard to be quiet about it but here we will announce it to you all ♡
We are truly blessed to have this precious little boy in our lives and we can not wait to hold you in our arms! The love for our boy is out of the limit. Going through all negativity in our lives because of this pregnancy is like a tiny dot in the sky. We are filled with happiness, joy, excitement and we are longing after our son. We are longing to hold him in our arms, to see him grow up. To teach him everything we know and can. 
Johnny, will be his name. After my dad who is now an angel watching over us. My dad was a fighter into his very last breathe and I want to honor my dad by naming my son after him.

2017 · 2017 | Pregnancy

Big news!

Hey guys! So I have been gone for a while from the blog. I know I know! Shame on me! But to be honest, I’ve been in so much stress and so much pain that I haven’t had the energy to update my blog. 

The headline says BIG NEWS !  Well here we go; I’m pregnant! YES iam! It’s a miracle that iam pregnant! I’m so happy and so excited to be a mom. It’s one of my biggest dreams! Thanks to my hubby that dream is coming true! All my life I’ve heard that I will never be able to get pregnant. Why? Because of the PCOS I have. I’ll write a post about that sickness later. And in March ~ March 5 I think it was, I was at the midwife because I have cellchanges down there ~ I’m not ashamed of saying that ~ and I told them that my period is late and I asked them if I could do a pregnancy test there NOTE I’ve done many earlier but it all showed negative BUT at the midwife it showed positive. I started to cry. Instead of going back to the midwife I went straight to my man, with tears falling down my cheeks, panic but happy. I pointed at my stomach while walking to the waiting room there he sat and he didn’t understand what I meant. “I’m pregnant” was all I could say and hugged him. The tears fell on both of us. We went back to the midwife and she asked me all kind of questions ~ do you wanna keep it? When was the first day on your last period etc. Even though I had protection inside me ~ again, I’m not ashamed ~ I was pregnant. We found out the date when the baby will be born ~ between October 27 and October 29. We also found out that I got pregnant 10 days after we got married. 10 freaking days! I take this as a sign a sign for us to become a family. Our bond between us is stronger than ever. 

After founding out that we are pregnant ~ well iam, I asked for help with smoking. I don’t wanna smoke. I was in week 5+5 when we found out. I’m in week 19 on Sunday. Still smokes. Yes I know. I have heard it all! Don’t need to comment that smoking is bad! 

The fear of telling my family I don’t remember exactly when I told my family but I know that I was pregnant at least for 10 more weeks before I told my mom and sister. I found out that I was pregnant right after we found out that my sister C had a miscarriage. So I decided not to tell her because I saw how depressed she was and I didn’t want to rub my pregnancy in her face you know. But apparently I did wrong. When I told my sister C that I am pregnant, she said the most nastiest shit ever and it hurts me. I have no contact with her ~ spoken with her twice on the phone and met her once since she said those things. I’m not gonna write what she said but trust me, it really hurts me. 

June Five (5) is the date when we will find out what sex the baby is. I’ve already seen our baby on ultrasound when I had to go to the emergency with massive pains and blessings. They think I’ve lost one baby ~ apparently I was having twins. But I don’t know. All I know is that I have one baby in my tummy. We heard the heartbeat and everything. When I saw on the monitor something moving I said out loud in shock “What the fuck was that!?” And after that I don’t remember what I said but according to my man and one of the godmother’s ive said fuck and shit all the time. I dont remember that. Haha! 

June 5, mom will come with us to see what sex the baby is. I’m hoping for a boy but my mind is telling me that it is a girl. But we will see. I’m happy no matter what the little monster is  🙂 


I shared MY OPINION and hell broke lose

Okey guys. So I’m a member in a group on Facebook ~ only for girls ~ where I shared my opinion about girls in age 12 shaving their legs. My opinion is that it is WRONG! Why? Because I hate the fact that kids in that young age is trying to act like they are 20 or something. I shared my opinion where I said it is wrong and I asked for other girls opinions as well on that and they all ended up jumping on me etc and I decided to not answer the status and just let people write what ever they want. To be honest, I would be so upset if my niece decided that she wanted to shave her legs. First of All, I can’t stop her. I’m not her parent but I would ask her why and try to talk to her about it. But like I said, I wouldn’t stop her but I would make sure that she would tell me the reasons first. 

I know, many girls are shaving their legs, arms and you name if and it’s not up to me but I know that if my future daughter or daughters feel the need to wanting to shave their legs at that age I would sit down and ask them why and listen to them. I know I’m not alone on this because I posted on my personal page and so many agrees with me. 

So I shared my opinion and people is attacking me for not agreeing on their opinions which is sad because the fact that I will never change my opinion and they are calling me names, cussing me out etc but really, go a head. I said my opinion and I stand for it. 

I do think it is wrong for young girls to try act like they are older, to get their approval from people. What’s wrong with being a kid? Is it really that horrible? Why rush into adulthood when you should enjoy being a child. Having fun and not needing to feel like adults do. Hell, if I could turn back time to be a kid again I would! I miss my childhood.

Weird post I know but trying to write a post on the same time as dinosaur is sitting next to me watching YouTube as I’m getting text messages etc.. it’d hard to keep focus but I hope you all u understand what I mean with this post and please share your opinion but don’t be rude on people.

2017 · 2017 | Miss Santorini

Preparing for a vacation

Yes guys, you read right. I’m gonna have a small vacation with the dinosaur for a few days. We need to get out from here during all this shit that is going on. We are still gonna be in Sweden but far away from here. We are going to Gothenburg for one important meeting and than to hang out with the family down there. It’s gonna be so much fun. We both need this during this time and we are both actually looking forward to it. To be with the parents and the girls like a small family. To create new memories and have a blast. A lot of laughter and a lot of smiles. I can’t wait. So the freak iam I’ve already written a list and soon gonna start pack ~ not yet though. We are leaving for Gothenburg on June 6 (Swedish national day) and we are coming home on June 10. So 4 days away from here. I can’t Wait! The only thing iam not looking forward to is that train trip. So many hours just sitting and doing nothing. I’m not looking forward to that and I’m sure that M is neither. 

Other than that,  I know we are gonna have so much fun! So I’m counting down the days! Woop! 
Also a side note here; the reason why I haven’t blogged for a while is because it’s a war going on here and it has taken all my energy and focus from things. And a lot of doctors appointments and hospital and ugh. But hopefully everything will calm down soon!