2016 | × Linköping

Linköping ~ three

Ghosts, my ghosts ~ hello! So right now iam in bed and am going through my gallery on the lovely Samsung phone and I have organized some photos and moved the photos I’ve uploaded into one album. Pretty boring but hey, it’s done. I found a few more collages I’ve made of the trip to Linköping. How fun! So I will post them here and I will stare at the til I’m in Linköping with my babes again! 

3rd row/first photo on left ~ we went to a cute pub in Linköping! Cozy and so relaxing! Fredrik ordered a beer, Elisabeth a cider and me? Well to be honest, I actually took a mango ice latte { Ice Tea  }

I know that I’ve posted the goofy picture of me and Elisabeth before but I like it. Typical us ~ goofy but comfortable with each other.

× subway  I tried subway for the very first time in my life! I’ve always been against it because it’s sandwiches and I hate that! But Fredrik made me curious to try. He said that their sandwiches are so good and I was like… “eh Yolo. I’m going home after all” So we went there and I’m so happy for that! I had the mayonnaise with shrimps etc ~ I don’t know what the name is on english ~ on one half and on the pthr half I had that thing AND curry on. Let me just say it like this ~ I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN!  So freaking yummy! I said to Fredrik that this will be our tradition when I’m going home after being at him for a weekend or so. Lol!

On my phone, the photos looks amazing. But I wonder how does the photos look for you? On your phone or computer/PC/Laptop? 


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