2016 | × Linköping

Linköping ~ two

More photos from the weekend but it is not in the right order. Sorry.

Saturday evening came and we had to drop Elizabeth off at the train station  {BOO 😭} we stood til she left. Uh! After that, Fredrik and I went home and had a cozy movie night. We saw two movies ~ Cloudy of a chance of meatballs ~ I have never seen the first one but when we were watching the number two of the movies, I said that I have seen it and some parts I remember from it. 

It was an amazing weekend with two awesome people that i’ll always cherish and care about. I’ve laughed so freaking much, I have had so much fun! I can’t wait til we all are together again. Hopefully soon! 
This weekend, I have actually kissed three people. Just a quick on lips and not with tounge 😱 guys behave! Haha! 3 kisses that’s all. When I’m with these babes, I don’t know what happen but I feel relaxed, and everything with them. I really needed this weekend off from my ever day life, from all the stress, racism, hate, arguments etc and just relax, enjoy spending time with people I love. Having fun, laughed so tears fell and everything. I’m really happy that we all three got a chance to hang out because off your busy schedules and work. 

MUWAH! I don’t have so many photos left from this weekend, even tho I took a few hundreds but they are like the same so it’s nothing special for the blog but for me it is.


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