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The happiness! 

Yesterday, me and M were in town for my appointment at the doctor. We walked around in the town to kill time to take the bus home until I got a message (4 actually and a missed call) from my sister who also were in the town. We met up in a store called Accent ~ it’s a women store with bags and stuff ♡ heaven for me. 

There has been a bag for a while that I’ve been eyeing on for so long. It was love at first sight! The price tag was so high so I couldn’t get it then. But I saw the magical sign “Up to 50% sale!” I almost ran into the store when I saw it. I was hoping so hard that they would still have the bag. So I described the bag to the girl who worked and she said the magical words “That bag is on sale!” And I felt my heart skip so many beats! My bag is on sale! When I saw it the first time, a few months ago I said to M “If the bag is  still in store when I have money, I’m getting it!” And sure it was. MY COLOR THAT I WANTED AND ONLY ONE LEFT! For you who don’t know, I’m obsessed with handbags! So you all can imagine how big my smile was and how happy I was! I took the bag ~ 30% off. Girl! I was having that bag! So I bought it! And now it is home with me. I can’t stop stare at it. Is it really mine? Is it really in my hands? M wasn’t allowed to carry it yesterday! Haha!

This beauty is in my hands now ♡ 

We also bought a bag for mom as well. Calling her when we came home saying that we had a surprise for her. Wow! She got so curious and wanted to know so I gave her some clues “it’s something you need” “it’s big” but she had no idea. We went over to mom after my nap and seeing her face and her smile when she saw it was a bag, priceless!

  I posted this on Facebook

 My heart is about to explode of happiness!

So today me and my man were in town. Looking around and  I save a sale sign ~ yes I admit I love them! IN A BAG STORE! HELLO! ofc I had to rush over there. I was in my head “no Emma you are not gonna buy anything! Stop it!” Yeah right. I came home with two bags. Haha

M (my man) found one bag that would be so good to mom so we bought that one for her and an other for me. Woop. I’ve been keeping an eye on that bag for so long but unfortunately never had money to buy it. Sure it was not a big price tag of sale but it was enough for me to get it.


Before we went to mom I’ve called her and said that we have a surprise for her and curious as she is she couldn’t stop ask me what it was so we went over to her. And the look and smile of her face when she saw the bag! Omg ❤ mom smiled so so much and she couldn’t stop look at it and look on me and asked if it really was for her. Yes momma it is for you ❤ 

She had the biggest smile on her face ~ I knew she needed a bag and that M found this one was just perfect. It was a little bit pricy but I don’t care. If I could I would give momma the whole universe! 

She rushed to the kitchen and packed down all the stuff she had in her old handbag into her new. Wow! 

This simple thing. Wow. Mom is not used to get stuff from anyone but me and M is trying to spoil her a bit by buying stuff for her to show her that we appreciate all her help. It’s like thank you mom for helping us when we need help. And also out of love. 

Sorry I just had to write this because my heart is exploding soon of happiness and I feel so good to make mom smile when she is going through cancer for a second time in just a few months.

I have never seen mom so excited about a bag! She instantly emptied her old bag and filled up this bag. I was using my foot to check how much space she has used in the bag (I couldn’t bend down because my back was killing me) and she said… ohmygod… she said “don’t use your foot on my new bag!!!” Haha she’s just like me ♡ 

So yesterday I left mom with a big smile on my face and my heart was so happy! Me and the dinosaur is spoiling mom so much but that’s okey. We wanted to show her how much we both love her and how much we appreciate her and her help ♡ 

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A moment with my niece 

Last night my niece Alicia wanted to jump the trampoline with dinosaur but he didn’t. Instead we were playing with them all (Olivia Alicia and Decibelle) and few moments I was alone with Decibelle which made me so happy because I’ve never been alone with her ~ I have never babysat her either. I’m not allowed. I don’t know why but anyway, I was alone with her for a while and I was so happy. My heart smiled so much. Finally, I could spend a few minutes with her by myself. Without any of the other girls.  

Decibelle has start to open up for my husband. Every time I see him with the kids I smile so much. The kids means the world to me and seeing them open up, hug and in Decibelle’s case give him kisses . My heart melt. The kids adore M and that makes me so happy! 

He is so caring and he really loves the kids ♡ 

Too bad that the sun was shining so hard. M and Decibelle were blowing bubbles ♡ happiness to my heart ♡

I will take bullets for the kids, I will walk through fire for them. In storms and fires I will always be there. As their aunt and as their role model.  The girls has said that I’m a role model to them. My babies ♡ I love you all so so much. I’ll never leave you, I’ll never leave your side! When ever you have problems or are in some kind of trouble I will always be there for you.

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Happy Easter my chickens 🐣🐣

Yesterday we celebrated Easter by having a BBQ over at mom’s! We always have a BBQ this time during the Easter.  Everything went OK until we sat down and ate. My sister M was bringing Muslims and terrorism and shit up and told me to vote for some racist group in the election next year. I tried to keep quiet but it was so hard. But I managed to do that. I didn’t want M to celebrate his first easter with fights like new years and Christmas so I keep my mouth shut.

But other than that, me and M had a good time together  🙂  

What did u do on Easter? 

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Town × 2

Ghosts! Iam so tired and exhausted from yesterday’s adventures! Walking so much in boots is nothing I recommend! My hips and back is killing! Wow! Anyway yesterday we went to Söderhamn and Gävle. Meetings and meetings all day. 3H wait for something that took maximum one minute was ridiculous but we did what we went there to do and after we went to Gävle.  We were supposed to have a meeting there as well but it got canceled at the last minute but it was alright. Me and Dinosaur spend some quality time together. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. I can’t believe we are moving to this small little town soon. Sure my personal opinion about the town is that it is so boring but it will be so much better Living there than living here and I think it will get better by time.

 Söderhamn ~ cute place but so boring. The centrum… lol. Wow

Waiting on the train from Söderhamn to Gävle. 

Walking around in Gävle and spent some time together. Goofing around and just enjoying each other’s company. We found this cute heart and I just had to take photos of him with it. He told me to delete the photos and I was like HEEELL no! I love these photos  🙂 

After few hours we decided to take the train back to Hudiksvall to go home. Alicia came over when we came home and after she left… I don’t think I’ve ever fallen asleep that fast before. Lol! My body was and still are so exhausted. 



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Pink flowers is a sign of something special

Goodmorning ghosts! Or should I say my little flowers? It’s spring now so maybe ghosts doesn’t sound good ~ eeh no you’re my ghosts ♡ 

Right now the time is 9.35am. I can honestly say that my head is so heavy. I’ve been up since 6.45am. Just to get the dinosaur to go to school and off he went but after 15 minutes he was back… there are no school today. Um. Alright than! Now iam back in bed, gonna take a nap and rest. My head is heavy and it hurts but the headache is starting to go away ~ knock knock on hard wood. Lol. I hope. It doesn’t make me suffer so hard and horrible like it has. 365+ days with headache 24/7. Anyone wanna trade? Well you can have it for free Haha!

Today’s plans.. um. Well I don’t know really. I know that I’m gonna clean a bit and also go to the neighbor village with mom and dinosaur. Mama wants to get out from her apartment for a while which I can understand. 

So I’m gonna take a nap now, after that take a shower and later start the day! 

Goodmorning to you all ♡♡

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Cooking Noodles and America’s got talent

14 mars, mandeep lagar nudlar

While sitting and watching America’s got talent on youtube, I decided to sit behind the screen and edit some photos I took today on photoshop. I decided to go out for a short walk just around the apartment. It was really windy outside and freezing cold so I stayed near the warm apartment. Haha! I managed to take some photos which I haven’t really look at (Not all off them. Just some) and so far, not so good! Haha! I tried different settings etc just to try something new. Like i’ve mentioned before, I’vent been taking photos for a while but I really missed it and today I felt that I wanted to go out for a walk even though it was like a storm outside. I will upload those photos later.

The tvshow America’s got Talent haven’t really been something I been watching but lately the dinosaur has been very into that show. He is watching that for hours. I have actually been watching a bit with him and some of the clips has been funny and some has been like “what?” but right now we are watching two kids doing magic tricks. A brother and a sister. So adorable. The reason why Iam not watching this tvshow or like X factor etc is because I really don’t like Simon Cowell. I don’t know why, i just dont.



This is a weird post, iam fully aware of that. Haha! Iam sorry. It’s really hard to write on the same time as the sound from the tv is going on and my husband talking. Really hard to focus on just writing. Haha! I’m normally able to just focus on writing while having background noises but not now. But with time it will get better.







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Sitting on the laptop




Hey ghosts and pumpkins! This post is a little bit special, im writing on my laptop instead of my mobile. I can honestly say that it really feels weird to write on keyboards but it’s alright.

I’ve tried this laptop for two days now and I can say – honestlyI don’t like the laptop. Haha! But its new for me, im not used to sit on a laptop and write or so.

So now when I have my laptop, i will be able to upload more photos etc that i’ve taken with my systemcamera but i probably won’t start take photos like I used to do before until we have moved. Right now im focusing on cleaning the apartment, do the laundry and just pack down the place. I’ve packed down pretty much everything but it’s just a few stuff left that needs to go down. Also the stuff we use on daily basis – but that I won’t back down for a while until I know excatly when we are moving.

I also      a p o l o g i z e     for wrong spellings etc from now on here on the blog. When i was blogging via my mobile, it was correcting it (not 100%) and now I’m using my head to try to figure out if I’ve spelt right or not. It’s a work in progress. Lol! But anyway, I’m gonna be able to blog more now both via the laptop but also via my phone. I love blogging but sometimes and somedays i’vent had the energy or so to blog but hopefully that will change soon! Woop! I can only hope and wish. Lol!!