2016 | Photos • Tattoos

Removing the plastic

I just took this photo while being in the cab down to the Gävle. I can’t wait to remove the plastics (gonna do it when I’m at the hospital), clean them up and see them as pretty as they are supposed to look. Not like on the photo with blood and ink all over.  And it will be much prettier without the tape, clothes fabrics stuck on the tapes etc. I’m excited but nervous to remove it! Haha! I’m a geek I know. But I’m a proud geek!

I’m soon at the hospital and when I’m there the first thing I’m gonna do is having breakfast! Photos will be added later. Lol! 

2016 | Photos • Tattoos


​Hey ghosts! How are you? I woke up happy and excited! I decided to do a spontaneous thing ~ well I have had the time for two weeks but I haven’t mention it to many people. Anyway, the spontaneous thing I did was getting a new tattoo but this one just simple. Not on arabic or an other language. I did a tribute to my father. Finally. I have wanted to have a tattoo with he’s name since he passed away in March and today {2016.08.15} I finally got one.  One week exactly before my dad’s birthday. I’m happy and I love it! It’s big and beautiful! Of course I took photos during the session just so I could post here and show you guys ~ and ofc to have as a memory. 
Two collages below. It takes so much credits to upload each an one photo on the blog so I’m sorry for this.

The guy also did a retouch on my arabic tattoo ~ it really needed it. I’m happy and I love them

2016 | Photos • Tattoos


Hey guys! I’m writing this in the bus (I know!!! A miracle!) on my way to the tattoo artist because an other dude I went and got my arabic tattoo was so bad so I’m gonna go to a new guy and get a touch up. Hopefully it will look better this time. I’m also maybe gonna get a new tattoo but iam not sure yet. We’ll see what happens 😄

The photo is uploaded straight from the camera and I apologize for the bad quality and maybe blurry. I can’t see so good. Lol! The bus is shaking like crazy!

Anyway, so this baby is the one that needs a touch up. My star ~ I will just leave it because I’ve had so much problems with that one. Ugh! You guys have no idea. I’ve had a hole in it, massive infection etc. Pffh. So I’m not gonna do anything about that one even tho I really want too. But the Arabic one is the one that bothers be the most. Lol! 
كوني قويةً       means Stay Strong on Arabic.
I must go now. I hate the bus and ugh. I can not relax! Wish me luck! Muwah!