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Town #1 | Hungry | Nervous

Hola ghosts! Finally we are on the way into the town number one for my errands! I’m nervous but also kind of excited! I can’t wait to actually have a new job! I’m so tired of the job I have and I’m not really a fan of it so hopefully I will find something new soon! Also because I wanna be able to save up more money for me and Manne for the future ~ we have big plans and I can’t wait to make it come true! 

So far it is going good with my wild Boyz but I’m still nervous about having the little man with us. Like I wrote (I think) it is the first time we will spend a whole day together but i hope it will go good. Spend a little time with my two boys and also try to get this bond again with my nephew ~ spend some quality time with him and also it will be kind of a practice for me and Manne for the future. Haha! 

Right now we are sitting on the bus and I’m blogging this. I’m hungry like a freaking bull but we will probably grab something to eat soon ~ no breakfast & diabetes …. not good and also it’s not good for my headache which is killing me right now but hey, I’m used to it. I’ve soon had it for one year ~ Yay! Headache 24/7 soon for 365 days.. or maybe it is 366 days.. I’m not sure but it is an ass long time. 

Blog more later Habibis and Habibtis 😘

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Butterflies | planning | Town

So today didn’t really get as planned. We didn’t go to the gym just because of family problems which I think is solved now but me, Manne and Lito is going to the towns ~ Hudiksvall and Sundsvall tomorrow. I have to do an important errands in Hudiksvall and after we are going to Sundsvall. So I’m gonna babysit ~ well me and Manne is. I’m really nervous of going to the town with Gabriel… I have never been to the town with him and I have no idea what kind of moods he will be in. Thankfully I’ve my man with me. 

Ikea | Work | Photographs| Pokemon Hunting with Gabriel | Dinner | Quality time with my two loves ♡ 

Sounds pretty good! I love Ikea and I have to look for some glass jars so we can organize the kitchen. Really need to do that! Too bad we don’t have a car ~ ugh! I need to buy a few more things! Bleh! But I guess I have to do that later.

Sorry for bad updates today 😦 I promise I will blog more tomorrow! Muwah! 

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Happy Holiday!

Happy Holiday to all off you ghosts! I hope you all have an amazing Christmas with your family! I wish you all happiness, joy, love and a lot of laughter! I love you all and thank you so much for being a part of my little family! Muwah!

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Confidence boost

Even if I’ve some massive problems with my piercing ~ infection – big time! ~ i have to have a cream both inside and outside of my nose ~ it gives me confidence. I don’t know why but I feel so much better with the piercing, so much better about myself. Despite the pain and problems, I don’t regret it. It hurted like a mother…. I won’t lie about that but I’m happy that I did it.

I had to change to the ring after just a few days because the pin was so small because of the swelling and put the ring in was… oh wow.. it hurts even to think about it. But I like it more with a ring than with the pin so it’s all good. Goodie in the hoodie you know. Yes I copied that from Slim. Haha! I like that expression.

More pretty before my confidence has been up and down. When I took photos of myself ~ selfies ~ I could start cry, that’s how bad my confidence was. Sure it’s not 100% but it has gained to like 75/80% ish. 

The only things I’ll do now is to dye my hair either red or go with ombre ish. Like darker brown on top and go lighter and lighter till the ends. I don’t know. I also gonna change to a more suitable ring but not for an other six months though. I’m gonna keep this one, let it heal and than maybe change. We’ll see about that.