2016 | ••HAPPINESS••

Three months

Three months, three months off pure happiness, three months off real smiles, three months off constantly having butterflies in my stomach , three months off saying I love you and holding hands with each other. 2016.09.11 was the date when you and I became one ♡ Now 2016.12.11 we are stronger than ever. 

Three months will be three years, three years will be a life time ♡  He is my the one. I can’t imagine a life without him. 

Ten {well nine now} days and we will celebrate one hundred days together. 

2016 | ••HAPPINESS••

The kids like him!

Thank God ~ Hamdulillah! My nephew and my two nieces approves M. Alicia even said that M is her boyfriend not mine.. well thank you Alicia for that. Haha! 

So yeah, I’m really happy. The kids likes him, my mom likes him and so does my sister C. So now it is only my two sisters and my brother left. . My brother have met M few times but he doesn’t talk to him and it makes M upset. He always ask me why they don’t talk to him {my brother and his wife} and why they don’t like him. I don’t know is the only answer I can give him. I wish I knew why.  

2016 | ••HAPPINESS••

Happy Happy Emma

The moment when you realize that you have lost over 40kg this year and 55kg in total on one year. Happy happy Emma 😍  I’ve struggle with my weight my whole life and got the diagnose PCOS last year broke me down. I started to read a bit, call people I knew who about medicines, illness etc. Having PCOS is the reason why people gain so much weight without knowing how and knowing that they haven’t eaten themselves that size. I know I didn’t eat to my size. Losing weight is hard, especially if you have this but somehow I managed to do it. I’m soon down on my goal. I can’t wait. Maybe next year I reach it! Hopefully!! 

I saw on the scale today and I almost started to cry. I’m happy. So happy. And my family is happy as well. But the weird thing is that I can’t see the change ~ some days I can ~ but everyone is asking me if I’m about to disappear. Um no? But they are happy for me as well. I’m talking about the people I’ve grew up with in this village do they all know how big I’ve been. 

But iam happy and I hope my dad is proud of me. I know he was so worried and every time there was a TV documentary about weight and weight-loss etc, he called mom and told her. So yeah. He cared I think. And I really hope that he is proud of me now for managing losing so much. 

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Gift from heaven

Now I don’t know about you guys but this man is a gift from heaven. Watch the whole Sex and the City series with me. Damn. I think I died and went to heaven! I never thought he would say yes to watch it. I said to myself “why even ask?” So for my shock, I almost died.
For you who don’t understand what I’m talking about… not even my bestfriend wanna watch the show with me. No one wants and I absolutely love Sex and the city! And to have this man ~ my man ~ to actually saying Yeah to watch it with me.. lord save me! Haha!
I know he won’t like this but hey 😍 my happiness and I’m excited to have marathon with him including the movies. Haha!

2016 | ••HAPPINESS•• · 2016 | × Gothenburg ~ Halloween ×

Halloween in Gothenburg 

It’s official! October 28th am going to Gothenburg to be with my man for Halloween and November 2nd he is coming home with me to our place. Yes he is officially moving in with me that day. #HappyHappyEmma 

The only train with no change {I hate waiting in Stockholm’s trainstation} is the one that leaves from Hudiksvall at 2:54am. Hello sleep on the train! But I will be in Gothenburg at 11:25am so it’s alright. I will spend longer time with him. Haha ♡ 

On the way home I took a later train but it has one changing ~ bleh! But it’s okey. I won’t be alone atleast. I just hope that we will share place though. Lol. According to the seats we have *2  and *4 so I don’t know. Well we’ll see. 

I need to empty my phone again and continue cleaning before he comes here. Lol! It’s okey. It’s not much to do thought. I know I need to clean a closet for him. The question is… which one? There is only one right now because my brother never helps me with shelves or what it calls. Maybe M can find  that because I need it in the apartment so it’s easier to organize. 

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Hudiksvall ~ Gothenburg 
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Gothenburg ~ Hudiksvall
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀28th October ~ 2nd November. 

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The gift in a shape of a heart ♡

The necklace is the symbol that I have his heart. M gave me this necklace when we got engaged and I have taken it off twice since then. I had to use transparent nailpolish and put it on the heart and the chain because I’m allergic to something in it but I don’t wanna stop wear it so I remembered that I’ve read somewhere to put nailpolish on the jewelry to stop it so I did and now I’m wearing the necklace again ♡ 

I absolutely love this necklace. When I had to take it off twice, I felt so naked. Lol! So weird how fast you can get your body used to wear a jewelry. I never use jewelry except earrings but I’m used to have this necklace on now but it’s still weird to have the ring on my finger but I’m slowly getting used to it. 

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We locked our love and tossed the keys in the sea

I always wanted to do like the couple has done in France. Put a lock somewhere and toss the keys into the water. I told M that and he wanted to do it as well so we did that. We already did it last night in Sundsvall but the lock was too small so we tossed the lock and the keys into the water and today in Hudiksvall we actually locked it up and I tossed the keys. 

I love his cute little hearts. He wrote on the lock at home and I had it in my pocket. We walked around {I wanted to lock it at the place where we got engaged but we couldn’t.  Nothing to lock it onto} at the harbor. I love the sailor and marina life so he wanted to do it there as well. We walked and I found a spot right above the water ~ to lock it on a chain but when I was taking one step on a rock he told me to come up. He was scared ♡  so he said he found a place and he didn’t wanna tell me but it’s OK.  I like the spot and we will do this in Göteborg as well when I’m going there. 

Sun, harbor, boats, the sea and him. Perfect ♡ 

We decided to do this where ever we are in the world. First Sundsvall, today Hudiksvall, Next Göteborg and future somewhere ♡ yes I’m very loveydovey when it comes to this but I don’t mind. I’m in love and we want us to be together forever. ♡♡♡♡♡