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Two important

Two jewelries ♡ means the world to me

The engagement ring and the necklace I got when we got engaged ♡ 

I can finally wear the necklace again. New chain on it! I’m happy happy! They don’t match though. The ring is silver and the necklace is gold but I don’t care. It could have been a pink ring and a lime necklace, I would still wear it ♡

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Taste of India 

First time M is cooking for me and ofcourse it is Indian food.  I’m nervous to try it. Just because I can’t eat too spicy food but from the little test I took, it was good. So good actually! I have his permission to upload that photo of him I asked and showed him and told him that it is for my blog.

Today we have been moving all the boxes well he has because I don’t know what’s wrong with me. My back is killing me and nothing works. Not cream, painkillers or anything. It’s annoying. Anyway, now our bed is in the livingroom for now but it’s alright because now we can lay in bed and watch a movie 🙂  The downside of this all….is that the bedroom is full off boxes.. but it’s alright!

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Seven days

Holy cow! It is only seven days ~ one week til I’m on the train on my way to Gothenburg again! My bag is already packed ~ almost, there is a few things I need to pack down. But really, seven days!? Omg. We have been apart for fifteen days. Wow. Already. It feels like months. But that’s in the past and now the future is showing me positivity! First this trip, than the trip back home but the best part is that he is going with me! Yay! Than our first Christmas, Christmas celebration with my other half, my soulmate Elin ♡ and her family. I’m not gonna go into details of why but that’s how our Christmas will be.

Sorry for putting pixels over his face but I respect him and he doesn’t want me to post photos in general of him but I want too so that’s why I’m covering his face.

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The heart ♡

Hey guys! So yesterday I had this kind of a bad day but on the same time it wasn’t bad. Oh it’s so hard to explain. Anyway, it was one of those days when you think makeup will make everything okey. So I made my makeup while trying to sing on arabic and Punjabi I think it calls. I tried to make myself in a better mood but really, it was so hard.

I decided to do my makeup a little bit darker than I normally have and Lord save me. It was so dark and I really looked like a raccoon with big ass eyebrows. In my mind I was like “I WANNA REMOVE IT!!!!!!” But I didn’t because I wanted to see my man’s reaction and trust me ghosts, when he called and saw the makeup. Omg.. PRICELESS! so after he saw it I removed the eyebrows. It was so horrible but the look on his face.. man.. I wish I took a screenshot! Wonder if I should do those eyebrows when I’m in Gothenburg? Lol! Yeah I think I will! Haha!

The necklace ♡ 

As you night remember, M gave this to me when he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I absolutely love it but unfortunately I can not wear it. Why? Because I’m allergic to it 😢 yes ghosts, I’m allergic to the necklace! So I had to take it off after a couple of days after I got it. It made me so sad because I love wearing it. Yesterday, I put it on and I had it for some hours ~ not long ~ and I had to take it off. I’ve told him about this so when iam in Gothenburg we’ll look for an other chain so I can wear it. Hopefully we will find something. We’ll see. I cross my fingers that we do.

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀♡ 12 ♡ 35 ♡ 12 ♡ 17 ♡ 172 ♡

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀these countdowns is very important to me

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Gift from heaven

Now I don’t know about you guys but this man is a gift from heaven. Watch the whole Sex and the City series with me. Damn. I think I died and went to heaven! I never thought he would say yes to watch it. I said to myself “why even ask?” So for my shock, I almost died.
For you who don’t understand what I’m talking about… not even my bestfriend wanna watch the show with me. No one wants and I absolutely love Sex and the city! And to have this man ~ my man ~ to actually saying Yeah to watch it with me.. lord save me! Haha!
I know he won’t like this but hey 😍 my happiness and I’m excited to have marathon with him including the movies. Haha!

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Sundsvall with my love

I totally forgot to post photos I took {iI took more but these photos is enough} when me and honey were in the town number two ~ Sundsvall. He was so cute. I asked him if he wanted photos taken in front of the fountain and then he wanted to play photo model! He even borrowed my phone to take a selfie when he was trying on some shades ~ which he looked damn good in but he didn’t buy them. 

In Sundsvall there is dragons all over and we found this beauty {bottom, middle} and I said straight out “THAT’S ME!” weird eyes, massive eyeliner and a lot of mascara!” He died almost of laughter. 

We will go to Sundsvall more times and I promise I’ll take photos of the dragons ~ the one we finds. Lol. There is like 100 dragons or so. It’s insane! 

I’m off to bed now. Doctors appointment tomorrow ~ nervous as hell! Goodnight! Muwah!

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I’m sad

Hey ghosts and pumpkins! How are you all? I have to write this out because I’m sad. Do you remember when I got engaged that I got a necklace from him on the same time? I absolutely love the necklace but I can not wear it. I’ve transparent nailpolish on it but I still can not wear it. Why? Because I’m allergic to it and it breaks my heart because I really love it. I had to take it off now but it’s hanging next to the engagement rings box so I atleast can look at it when I’m in bed. 

So to be honest, I’m really really sad now. I’m not crying or so but I’m really sad and I know that he will be sad too because last time I had to take it off, I told him and showed him my neck and it made him sad and now it’s even worse on my neck. But I will get a new chain with real gold in and wear the heart like that instead. I feel naked without the necklace! Haha! It’s true! 

Goodmorning to you all by the way!