I’m back

Hey guys! So as you might have noticed.. I have been gone from the blog for a super long time. Reason? My pregnancy was bad. I moved. I gave birth but the biggest reason why is because all off the sudden I had over 250 visitors on one day from Sweden which was my cousins and stuff so I decided to make the blog private for a while so they can’t snoop and hopefully they won’t look for my blog again. I’ve missed blogging to be honest so now I’m back. I’ve been blogging on a Swedish blog during this time but to be honest.. it’s been so boring. I rather blog here than on that blog. So I will start blog again 😁 here iam! I wish I had more storage though so I can upload photos on my child etc. 

So stay tuned and be prepared for blog posts ♡ right now I’m focusing on my child so next post will be about him. 


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