2017 · 2017 | Pregnancy

Week 30 ~ preparation 

Hi everyone! I apologize for not blogging for a while. I’ve been in so much pain and it has been chaos here in life. Today I passed the week 30 milestone! I’ve been pregnant for 30 weeks now. Oh Lord! The time really flies! So fast! After I saw on one app that iam in week 30, my first thought was “when should I start pack the hospital bag and with what!?” So I googled around on the internet and saw many answer that the time was NOW. So today I’ve been fixing the baby clothes, chosed what to wash and pack down. Clothes I got from my sister after her son and clothes we have bought our selves. So this whole day, we have been cleaning, laundry and preparing! Under you will see two pictures of a little bit of the clothes I’ve washed today for the baby bag -a whole lot of bodies, pants, shirts, pyjamas, hats, mittens – everything! I’ve even written down in a notepad of things I’ve packed down. A whole lot of stuff I can asure you but I want to be prepared and ready when the day comes!

I’ll write a post later of stuff I’ve packed down in the hospital bag and stuff that I need to get – not so much but still.

I still can’t believe that I’ve a baby in my belly even though the baby is kicking. It is so weird!  Within 10 weeks – maybe earlier – I’ll be a mom! Many says that they are a mom when the baby is in the belly but really, for me I’ll be a mom when I have the baby in my arms. But soon he is here!! My biggest dream is soon about to become a reality!

Our beautiful laundry room doesn’t have lines to and up clothes in, it has a drying cabinet that I often cuss and spit on but this time, I loved it! When I hung the clothes up to dry I almost started to cry. It is so surreal! Hung up small socks and mittens.. So weird!! It will take some time to get used to this I think! Haha!  But it was so much fun! Am so excited, hopeful and all over the places! Soon my gift from heaven is here! Wow!

I’m flying among the clouds and I never wanna come down! So much joy, so much happiness! Omg 😀


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