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Photo album 

Today, I bought a simple photo album to my photos I’ve printed out and want to save. It was quickly done to add them into the album but when I put the picture of my dad in the album, it got a little bit harder.

Not the fanciest photo album but at least my photos are together and not spread around in the apartment. It will be a book I can look in when ever I feel sad and later on I’ll fix a better book. It’s good for now. I also added our ultrasound pictures so they are not out in sunlight or getting risked to get ruined. 

322 days today since we became one. Already. Shit the time flies. Haha! 299 days since you asked me the question. 198 days since I said I do. The time really flies when you have fun. I’ve been pregnant for 188 days. We have known for 55 days that you’re a little Prince 💙 and it’s only 89 days til my due date. Omg! 😱 

2016.09.11 ♡ 2016.10.04 ♡ 2017.01.12 


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