Heaven has got a new angel 

1948.03.13 ~ 2017.07.17

Rest in peace Nisse. You’re always here with us even though your soul is now in heaven.
Last night I was scared when E called me and told me that dad has taken the ambulance to the hospital because he couldn’t breathe etc. Everything came back to me. Memories of mom when she had to Go for the same reason. 

We ended the call, we texted but I kept myself a distance because momma K needed E and E needed momma K. 1.30am the phone rang. I was just about to fall asleep. I saw it was E. I answered and the first I heard “Dad is dead”. That speed I had to get up out of bed, smashing my head by accident in the concrete wall, screaming “WHAT!?” on the same time. I’m not gonna go into so much of a details but my extra dad is in heaven. 

I’ve known him for soon 11 years. 11 years of laughing, talking a lot and jokes on each other. I’m still in shock. But I remain strong. I have too. They need me more than ever now. E needs me and momma needs me. 

Ten years ago you were a stranger. Ten years, I have known you. You were like an extra dad to me. Ten years of joking with each other. Talking a lot. Laughing and everything.

You’ve been through so much. You have been struggling and fought with problems in your life but today your heart couldn’t fight anymore. 

Nisse, you were a fighter just like my dad. You went through the same path as my mom did two years ago. I miss you and I promise you will always keep an eye on mama and your kids. 

I promise, with my heart and my soul I will make sure that they are alright. I will never leave their sides. I promise I will drop everything I have in my hands when ever they need me. 

Ten years ago, we were total stranger but God sent me E and from that moment we met I knew you would be like my extra dad. I’ll forever miss you and I hope you don’t suffer anymore.

You will always be the warrior in our lives. A warrior who fought for his life in til the last breath. A warrior with a heart of gold. A warrior with a mind set on things that not a storm could break. Take your shoes off and walk on the clouds. Look down on mama K and the family. You might be in heaven but you are never far from them and I promise You, once again I will be there for them all, to have a shoulder to cry on. To be there if they need to talk.

I will help them as much as I can. I promise you Nisse. Now rest your soul ♡ we will see you later ♡ 

Picture belongs to mama K ❤

It’s so hard to believe that you’re gone but I promise I will make sure that they are good. I’ll watch over them like a hawk. 


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