2017 · 2017 | Pregnancy


after hearing my whole life that I will never be able to have my own kids. And few years ago I found out that I have PCOS I was told that this sickness will make me forget about being a mom. They told me to forget about my biggest dream – to become a mom. It would never happen. I have so many cysts (?) down there. I was heartbroken. My biggest dream was crushed. I cried for days. 

My dad passed away March 2016. It made me lose weight – 50kg. I was so broken. My dad was now an angel. September 2016 I met my now husband. He came into my life when I needed someone as most. He saved me from depressions of what doctors said to me, having my biggest dream smashed onto the ground. He gave me light. He gave me a reason to live. Everything happened so fast with him. Engagement, marriage in January 2017. 10 days later after our wedding, I got pregnant. I had protection in me (IUD or what it calls) and boom still got pregnant! I was in shock. I was crying rivers. Is this really happening? Am I gonna become a mom? I did many tests! I decided to do tests when my period was 11 days late. We found out at the midwife. I have cell changes so I was called back to the midwife. I asked if they could do a test and it showed positive. 
Instead of going back to the midwife in an other room, I went straight to the waiting room. Crying and pointed at my stomach. My man didn’t understand what I meant. I cried even more when I was infront of him. “I’m pregnant” was the only line I could get out of my mouth. He smiled so much. He hugged me and we cried together. We both got called back to the midwife where she asked me questions about the pregnancy..  now I’m 21 weeks today. In 19 weeks, I’m gonna have my absolute biggest dream coming true. I’m an atheist but I thank God everyday for this blessing and this gift. I thank my husband so much “Thank you for making my biggest dream come true. Thank you for making me a mom”. I’m crying right now while writing this. I’ve so much feelings that I’m holding into myself. Every day I’m thankful for this blessing. Every day I’m thanking my father for sending M (my husband) to me. 
Sorry for a long post. 


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