I shared MY OPINION and hell broke lose

Okey guys. So I’m a member in a group on Facebook ~ only for girls ~ where I shared my opinion about girls in age 12 shaving their legs. My opinion is that it is WRONG! Why? Because I hate the fact that kids in that young age is trying to act like they are 20 or something. I shared my opinion where I said it is wrong and I asked for other girls opinions as well on that and they all ended up jumping on me etc and I decided to not answer the status and just let people write what ever they want. To be honest, I would be so upset if my niece decided that she wanted to shave her legs. First of All, I can’t stop her. I’m not her parent but I would ask her why and try to talk to her about it. But like I said, I wouldn’t stop her but I would make sure that she would tell me the reasons first. 

I know, many girls are shaving their legs, arms and you name if and it’s not up to me but I know that if my future daughter or daughters feel the need to wanting to shave their legs at that age I would sit down and ask them why and listen to them. I know I’m not alone on this because I posted on my personal page and so many agrees with me. 

So I shared my opinion and people is attacking me for not agreeing on their opinions which is sad because the fact that I will never change my opinion and they are calling me names, cussing me out etc but really, go a head. I said my opinion and I stand for it. 

I do think it is wrong for young girls to try act like they are older, to get their approval from people. What’s wrong with being a kid? Is it really that horrible? Why rush into adulthood when you should enjoy being a child. Having fun and not needing to feel like adults do. Hell, if I could turn back time to be a kid again I would! I miss my childhood.

Weird post I know but trying to write a post on the same time as dinosaur is sitting next to me watching YouTube as I’m getting text messages etc.. it’d hard to keep focus but I hope you all u understand what I mean with this post and please share your opinion but don’t be rude on people.


4 thoughts on “I shared MY OPINION and hell broke lose

  1. well i would tell you the world is evolving and we cannot stop the inevitable, the action is not wrong from my view point it is the motive behind it that i might frown at, if it is for hygiene purposes oh yeah justified, but for otherwise then you should not be directly critique her, you should do it constructively because you are older and you feel you know where she is going and tell her that path is not a profitable one, telling her she has a bright future ahead doing anything that will taint that future is dangerous… sorry for what others might have said to you.


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