Where’s my Oscar’s?

Last night, me and the dinosaur joined my nephew fishing. Everything went well except G losing his temper because there was no fish. Lol! When we were gonna change location, all off the sudden a man showed up in a big car and in my head I said to myself that it is the fishing police ~ yes. Sweden actually has that. FISHING POLICE! Just that word makes me ashamed of Sweden.  Lol! Anyway, the man approach us and told us one thing and other and asked if we had fishing card and that’s when I put my acting  skills on. I played that I didn’t know that you had to have that ~ even though I did but I never heard of someone getting caught fishing. We were fishing in a stream! Like what! Anyway, so this man was gonna give us some big ass fine tickets and when he was gonna do that I said to him “thank you for the warning! We will go now” and the man left. So I saved us from 12K in fine tickets! What!? That’s 4K per person! (12K in Swedish money is 1355$ American Dollars) FOR FISHING!? WHAT THE ACTUALLY F*CK! So I saved us some shit loads of money. We went home and I said to M, no more fishing until we have cards and permissions.  

My acting skills were off the hook! I played so good that when M and my nephew believed me. Haha! So where’s my Oscar’s? Golden globe? Etc 😂 I’m pretty proud of myself. 


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