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First time Fishing | cold like winter & super mad

Hi Ghosts! How are you all today!? Today I haven’t felt so good but managed to get a little bit energy to go with my nephew fishing.  He called and asked if me and M could go with him and I said yes. I love fishing and I know M has never fished before so why not?! Experience for him and a lot of fun for all off us. So we went to G and I was the only one who got a fish to chase my fishing stick. Lol! G is kinda jealous of that! Haha!

First spot we fished at. We had to change location because standing like this was hurting my back so bad. So we went to an other place. 

When we came to this location I saw an owl and the boys did too so it ended up me running to the area where the owl landed but me and M didn’t find him 😦 boo. After a while being here, I decided to take the guys home for a while because my back was really hurting and I was hungry so home we went and I did mini pizzas. Which gives me throat burn all the time! But they are so damn good! Haha! After maybe 15 minutes we went out again. Time to fish! But this time we had food, drinks and a stool with us. 

I was eating one sandwich  (mini pizza) while they were fishing and then I started to fish which lead to that stupid fish chasing my stick in the water. Haha! So it all ended up us three trying to find that fish again and we did but we decided to go home. We were supposed to go fish tomorrow as well but that won’t be because we have so much to do before Monday! It’s crazy! 

So that was a little bit about few hours with my boys and a massive ass back pain. I’m posting this while being in a hot shower 😂 don’t judge me 😂


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