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One evening in the town

So as you might have read, I ended up at the emergency the other day. Luckily I didn’t need to stay over the night. AlHamdulillah for that! Ugh! The hospitals gives me shivers. Anyway, after getting the permission to go home, we had some time to kill before the busses came – I had my beloved alien with me at the emergency so we hung out all off us together. Which was so nice. Girls and my husband together. A lot of laughter, smiles and everything I needed that night with all the pains etc. We walked around at the harbor and I felt so relaxed but also stressed on the same time. I was in pain and I was freezing. I only had shorts on me because it was laundry day. Ugh. And it was kinda windy at the harbor but hey, I saw the water and it made me smile. I feel like most at home when Iam at the water.


I mean, who doesn’t lve this view? Water, boats and everything! I sure do! And I really hope and wish that we one day will be able to live next to the water. That is one of my biggest dreams actually. To own a house by the water. Imagine, waking up everyday and hear the oceans waves and the birds singing and screaming? Oh wow. Makes me wanna move right now! Lol!


BeFunky gfdddddd eddddtit.png

We even saw this beauty! I mean, how gorgeous isn’t this? Pink and beautiful! Lol! I would love to have this one but nah, i would kill myself! My balance is horrible now. Before I was one of the best one on balance and now? Lol! What a joke! I even fall on flat ground! That’s how clumpsy I’ve become!



So that was a little bit about the “AFTER EMERGENCY” lol. I don’t know what I’m thinking or writing. Lol! I hope you all understand this post! Muwah!


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