2017 · 2017 | ♡

You make my heart smile


When ever I’m with you I feel safe. When we are apart I feel like I’m gonna break down. Having your arms around me makes me feel like nothing can hurt me. I’m so happy to have you in my life.

“People have searched for centuries to find the right way to say “I love you” and to try to explain those butterflies in your stomach, that warm fuzzy feeling in your belly and that heart skipping a beat. ” ~ Unknown

You give me strength, you give me a reason to wake up in the mornings. I love you M with all my heart. I wish I could show you how much I love you. How much I appreciate you. How much I truly mean the words ” I love You “. Honey, the way you make me feel, I’ve never felt like this for anyone. The love I have for you is a love that no one can take away from you. One day I will give you everything you want. One day I will make you proud.

Habibi, my dinosaur, I love you so much my heart hurts. When I see you I get butterflies in my stomach. When I hear your voice I never want you to be quiet. Honey, my love for you is so big that my heart will explode soon. Being with you makes me feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world. On this planet.

Two countries, one love. Two hearts and one life. I can’t wait and see what the future holds for us. I know that I will be in that future with you. I’ll never leave you. I love you so much my Dinosaur ♡

I can’t wait to create all memories with you

and share all the moments with you ♡


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