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A moment with my niece 

Last night my niece Alicia wanted to jump the trampoline with dinosaur but he didn’t. Instead we were playing with them all (Olivia Alicia and Decibelle) and few moments I was alone with Decibelle which made me so happy because I’ve never been alone with her ~ I have never babysat her either. I’m not allowed. I don’t know why but anyway, I was alone with her for a while and I was so happy. My heart smiled so much. Finally, I could spend a few minutes with her by myself. Without any of the other girls.  

Decibelle has start to open up for my husband. Every time I see him with the kids I smile so much. The kids means the world to me and seeing them open up, hug and in Decibelle’s case give him kisses . My heart melt. The kids adore M and that makes me so happy! 

He is so caring and he really loves the kids ♡ 

Too bad that the sun was shining so hard. M and Decibelle were blowing bubbles ♡ happiness to my heart ♡

I will take bullets for the kids, I will walk through fire for them. In storms and fires I will always be there. As their aunt and as their role model.  The girls has said that I’m a role model to them. My babies ♡ I love you all so so much. I’ll never leave you, I’ll never leave your side! When ever you have problems or are in some kind of trouble I will always be there for you.


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