Plans and stress

Ghosts, I’m sorry for not blogging for the last few days! There is so much shit going on around here that I barely have time to take a moment to breathe. My husband’s meetings and stuff is driving me crazy, the moving, my family is driving me insane! All the stress that’s going on in my life is ridiculous. Today mama wants to play a game on the TV called “Bingolotto ” and sure that’s alright but we could have taken that time to do something else but ah well. Tomorrow me and the dinosaur is going to an other town Söderhamn for meeting and stuff and later that day we are going to GÄVLE and have meetings there etc. On Wednesday I’m having a meeting on the hospital plus an other meeting and on Thursday we are going to Stockholm for the concert and we won’t be home until Friday morning . Two hours wait in Gävle for the train back home. And after all this is done… I’ve decided to die the weekend so I have energy to move etc. Do I need to say that iam not looking forward all this?? I rather stay home and sleep but we have to do it. 

It’s gonna be a fun week.. 😥 ish.
I’m gonna take a shower now and get ready to go to the store to buy for tonight 😑 if I guess right and know my mum… she wants pizza tonight *throws up* 😷 



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