Eight {8} days left!

Oh wow! It’s 8 days left til the concert I have been waiting for since September 2016! It’s crazy how fast the time goes by! But I just realized that I can’t have my camera with me on the concert! Last time I went to a concert {Selena Gomez} they confiscated two of my cameras and I sneaked the third into the concert but I got yelled at 😐 Many other people had system camera but I was the only one who got yelled at.. I think it was like over 200 people with system camera.  Oh well. I’m looking for a small camera but a one who can take good photos and video recording. Hm. I found one but it cost like 6K {6000SEK} and to be honest, I’m not really looking forward to pay that for a camera. Sure I will use the camera more than just at concerts lol! Instead of having the Canons with me everywhere I can use this. It has RAW photos and JPEG which is awesome and also WIFI .. what? Haha atleast according to the website where I found it.

I know Dinosaur won’t be so happy about it but I want a camera I can have in my bag or pocket and now when we are going on the concert, I might gonna need to sneak it in my bra 😂 YES YOU READ RIGHT! in my bra! It’s typical me though. Everything in my bra. I know I will leave my bag at the hangers they have (people work in front of it so no one can steal my bag) and sneak my phone and the camera with me. Lol!!! The question is…. pay 6K for the camera? Like I said it shoots in RAW files and also 1080 in HD video record. It sounds tempting and I will have the camera within two days.. 😐 Oh I hate this. Not knowing if I should order or not 😐 excuse me now but HELL! 😑😐 me in a nutshell.. Welcome to Emma’s life.. where everything is chaotic, is a mess and don’t know what a no is and what is good or bad 😂 kinda.. lol! 

I will think about it and we’ll see 😐 I’m like 60% on ordering it but I need to think everything through first 😐


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