2017 · 2017 | Miss Santorini

Staying home?

Hamdulillah? Is it wrong to write that when it comes to this? Hamdulillah means Thank God on arabic. I’m actually happy right now.  Mom called and told me that we are not going to my brother today to celebrate him which is good for me and M because they aren’t really a big fan of M (he is brown and my family is racist 👌🖒). Neither of us was really looking forward to go over to my brother today. To be honest, my stomach pained so much when I realrealized that we had to go over to him. How crazy isn’t that!? 

Short note here on why I didn’t wanna go over my brother is super mad because we got engaged behind everyone’s back. Also now when we got married behind everyone’s back. My brother and my whole family is super racist. Mom is alright with him and so is one of my sisters. My brother’s wife has yet never said a word to M. Not even HI.  M is trying so hard to get a connection with my brother just because he wants to feel a part of my family but P (my brother) is not easy to work with. M has a brown skim color ~ which isn’t popular in my family. They always say to keep the family clean ~ which means…. only white babies etc. Don’t mix. Anyway that was just a little bit of my family for all off you who are new to my blog. 

I can relax and so can M. Instead of going over to ugh (note: my family) we are going to the store and I’m gonna try to make new type of dinner ~ Sweet Chili Pasta salad with chicken. I hope it will turn out good. Lol! I’m very sceptical but I wanna try. I’m tired of regular food and feel like I wanna try something new. So wish me luck!! I’m probably gonna need it! 


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