2017 · 2017 | Miss Santorini

Tooth pain & Lost tickets 

Hey ghosts, I’m sorry for super mega dead updates. I haven’t get good lately. My friend called and told that she cheated death, my wisdom tooth is about to come up so iam in massive pain. My back and everything .. wow! But I’m alive. 

In the middle off this pain, I realized that it’s only a few more days til the concert I’m going on together with my Dinosaur ~ Tokio Hotel AND THE TICKETS IS GONE! They are no where to be found. We have been looking everywhere, in every box, every bag, under everything and ugh! Nope. No tickets there. So I have messaged the company I bought the tickets from and hopefully they can resend the tickets! The concert is on April 6 and it’s March 26 now. Ohmygod. I really hope they can send me again. 

So stressful life : moving, losing stuff and things, mom, life as Cinderella, my beloved family *ugh*, pain, and alot. Anyone wanna trade life with me? Haha  😓 

The last post, I wrote that iam writing about a topic. Iam but after the call about my friend I didn’t feel like writing it but I will post it as soon as possible.  I’m not promising when but soon. 

The sun is shining and the wind is breaking the trees. I’m gonna take a nap because I’m so exhausted.  Gonna try blog later. Sorry.


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