Snow and again snow

.. so I though the spring was here but I guess I was wrong. Today I woke up to full snow storm. Where is spring? I know that it has to snow and rain a lot to make the snow go away but it still makes me sad! Lol! I don’t want more snow! 

×-×-×-×-×-×-×-×-×-OTHER STUFF-×-×-×-×-×-×-×-×-×

TODAY, Monday 20th March. Ugh shitty day. First snow. Me have to take blood tests etc early morning, my sister’s nag about money and being jealous of her best friend who’s pregnant and a letter from the midwife about my cell changes. Not a good letter.. apparently I’ve first stage of cancer down there. Reading that knocked my whole day. I was kind of happy because my bloodsugar and diabetes tests are so good and than this. Ugh. I’m trying to be positive but it’s hard. Specially during all the stuff that goes around in my head and life. Enough about that today’s plans is to clean and pack down the last things except things we need such as food etc. Try to empty as much as possible in the apartment into boxes and later just relax. The woman is finally moving so the moving for us will happen fast. Hopefully. I’m so tired and sick of this apartment and location, you guys have no idea! I can’t wait to have a new fresh start in my life together with the man I love. To be able to start our life for real. Deep breath Emma… calm down. Lol! I get so carried away thinking of the new apartment.

Short post but atleast it’s something.  I’m in bed, gonna take a nap after the note in the letter, try to calm down and just breath. Blog more later.


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