Photoshop and cooking

They say women can do a lot of things on the same time ~ multitasking. Well I think many men can do that too. I’m not gonna be like “Oh wow look at me! I can do many things on the same time!” Pssh no. 

While cooking ~ well preparing by cutting and slicing and dicing and icing. Lol just kidding. But cutting all things that’s going into the stew and listening to music on the same time while dancing and have your ears up like antennas to hear so your husband is not coming into the kitchen is kind of a challenge. A fun challenge. The headline is also saying Photoshop, I’ve actually been sitting for a while and create new backgrounds for phones ~ with quotes and inspirational texts. I love doing that and I can honestly say that I’ve missed doing that! But now I can continue! Woop! Would you like me to upload some of the backgrounds that you can download and use yourself? Please comment and let me know. 

Right now this is my background

Maybe not the best looking one but it’s alright. I like it. I like the birds and the text ♡ I think they match good together.

So now I’m gonna cook, eat and later continue. I’m gonna do one for Elin (she’s not blogging anymore 😢) because I think she need some motivation and something inspirational in her life. The text she chosed herself and it’s gonna be fun to make this for her later. 



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