2017 · 2017 | Food & Drinks


I’m trying to become more healthier but it’s hard. From not eaten breakfast since I was 12 years old til trying to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whole my life, I have only been eaten dinner ~ one meal per day ~ except when mom made breakfast before me and my sister’s went to school. I barely ate anything then too. And if I had lunch in school, I didn’t eat dinner at home. But now I’m trying to change all that and become much better of a person, taking care of myself etc. It’s hard I’m not gonna lie but I’m trying.

Yogurt and cereal. And also strawberries  ♡ I love having fresh berries and we  bought strawberries yesterday so I was so happy to be able to add that to the breakfast ♡ 

Sorry for bad photos. And I know my English aren’t that good 😦 


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