Lying in bed

Ghosts, pumpkins, flowers and sunshine! Wow that was a weird mix of everything. Lol! Oh well, I’m weird ~ my blog is weird and boom, it’s all a perfect match. Lol! Sorry.

I’m in bed right now, with two blankets on, nausea, stomach pain and headache from hell (sorry).. Other wise, iam good. Haha! Just tired. So tonight will be an early time to go to bed. Tomorrow we (dinosaur, mom and me) are probably going to the town ~ hm. We’ll see thought. The dinosaur have school between 11am and 2pm so after that we might go. 

Anyway, iam going to bed now. I’ll blog more tomorrow! Goodnight my Habibtis and habibis! Ghosts and Pumpkins ♡ 


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