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Sitting on the laptop




Hey ghosts and pumpkins! This post is a little bit special, im writing on my laptop instead of my mobile. I can honestly say that it really feels weird to write on keyboards but it’s alright.

I’ve tried this laptop for two days now and I can say – honestlyI don’t like the laptop. Haha! But its new for me, im not used to sit on a laptop and write or so.

So now when I have my laptop, i will be able to upload more photos etc that i’ve taken with my systemcamera but i probably won’t start take photos like I used to do before until we have moved. Right now im focusing on cleaning the apartment, do the laundry and just pack down the place. I’ve packed down pretty much everything but it’s just a few stuff left that needs to go down. Also the stuff we use on daily basis – but that I won’t back down for a while until I know excatly when we are moving.

I also      a p o l o g i z e     for wrong spellings etc from now on here on the blog. When i was blogging via my mobile, it was correcting it (not 100%) and now I’m using my head to try to figure out if I’ve spelt right or not. It’s a work in progress. Lol! But anyway, I’m gonna be able to blog more now both via the laptop but also via my phone. I love blogging but sometimes and somedays i’vent had the energy or so to blog but hopefully that will change soon! Woop! I can only hope and wish. Lol!!


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