2017 · 2017 | Photos

Cozy café ♡

I have always loved this little place. It is so cute! They have build a cafe in between of buildings! They have put roof above for ceiling so they can have open year around. It is so cozy! I absolutely love it. I had to show Manne yesterday when we went to Sundsvall. I like places like this and I love buildings like these as well! I don’t know why! I just do!

Yesterday, me and the dinosaur went to the town #1 for a important meeting (my meeting) and after that we went to town #2 for important stuff for him. And the day before we went to town #1 with my sister C and ran all over the town. It was horrible. Lol! Wind, cold, snow, and ugh! But I made it! So today and tomorrow I have thrown the towel on the floor. I’m gonna have me time now. I need time to calm down after all the stress etc. The plus side is today my laptop, tripod etc is coming so I have to run to the store to buy batteries so I can try my wire less remote thingy thing to my camera ♡ so I will wait til it’s dark so I can try it. Maybe I see stars or so? 🤔 i hope so! 

I’ll blog more later.  


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