Ordered stuff

Hey ghosts! Okey so today I’ve ordered stuff that I know my beloved husband isn’t happy about but I need it. I’ve ordered a laptop so I can use it for studies, for editing photos, for blogging better and so on. I’ve also ordered a new phonecase because the one I’ve is broken and I don’t really like regular cases so I’ve ordered those wallet phone case. I also ordered a candy piece for my system camera ~ a wire remote cord or what it calls and also a tripod. I had a tripod and all off my stuff to my cameras but they are all gone. I know my sister has one of my tripods but it’s like no point of asking to get it back so I ordered a new one. A simple one. So yeah! Next week I will get my babies! Like I said, dinosaur are not happy about it but I wanna start with my passion for photography again. 

We were out for a walk today and it really made me realize how much I miss taking photos. Take photos of birds, nature, landscaping and all that. The sun was shining but not so bright and for me it was a very good opportunity to take photos but I didn’t wanna go out again after going home just because I don’t have a laptop that works. I really miss sitting and edit photos and just look through all the photos I take at the moment and just remember those moments. I also wanna practice to take better photos for the future. 

So I ordered all those stuff. He is thinking of money and I understand that but I know we will manage it. We have managed to live our life so far so I know this will work as well. 

As soon as we have moved the school wanted me to contact them so I can start with my Spanish as soon as possible so I’m excited! It’s a distans course but also sometimes in school so you guys should wish me luck! Lol! 


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