2017 · 2017 | Miss Santorini

I’m now officially a smart person

No not really but I feel ugly in them. Do you guys remember when I wrote earlier that I was gonna fix daddy’s glasses by changing the lenses in them so I could wear them? Well unfortunately it would cost so much money to just change the lenses and I would not have any warranty on them or to get insurance on them so I decided to get a pair that was similar to he’s glasses. 

Instead of paying between $166-387 I payed $88 for the similar glasses. So I think I did good 🤓 I don’t like the string between the glasses above but hey, I can’t remove them either. Lol! 

So that’s what was I was getting today in town. I’m happy, feeling ugly but I can see a little better ~ finally! And hopefully the headache will calm down a bit!!!


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