2017 · 2017 | Miss Santorini

Give me a kiss?

I admit I admit, I’m dying of laughter here! This filter on snapchat is probably the funniest filter I’ve seen! I love it! You might think that I should calm down with weird photos etc of me or you just ask yourself if I’m not embarrassing myself. The answer is no I’m not embarrassing myself. I share in my blog some crazy sides of me as well. Sure some I don’t share because those pictures are no good. It’s like this for me.. I take maybe 20 selfies and maybe 1 or 2 is okey, the rest is shitty. The answer on should I calm down on taking photos of myself? I don’t think so? Lol I barely take any photos of myself now. I’m in this moment when I barely take any photos of myself but today I felt to take a few even though I didn’t feel pretty but I did the makeup and snapped a few photos. I’m scared of taking a look! Haha! 

Btw ghosts don’t be scared of commenting. I love comments and I would love to interact with you ♡ 


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