4am | Arabic time

I’ve been in bed for 6H trying to get some sleep. Yes I’ve started to go to bed earlier every night to be able to get up earlier every morning. The time is soon 4am and I can not sleep. So what should I do? I’m hungry like a wolf and tired like a.. sloth (?) I don’t know, the animals who sleeps pretty much their entire life. Lol! I’m tired and exhausted but my mind is driving me crazy. My body is exhausted! I wanna sleep but my eyes and everything thinks different so, I’m now sitting in the kitchen, with a cup of tea, two hard bread sandwiches and listening / repeating / learning Arabic. Yes, I’m gonna start a little bit again to continue my learning. Right now I’m just focusing on how to talk/interact in conversations and how to pronounce. I know I might do it wrong but this is how I learn new languages. I listen and talk first. Writing comes later  Oh and reading.

When we move I will actually start to learn Spanish all over again, just so I can pick up my Spanish again and I just want to refresh it all from the beginning so yeah. The life of wanting to become a translator is a hell off a life. Lol! So much to read, learn, do, write and ugh! Did I mention that I hate school? Haha! I hate it but still I get myself back into it. Typical me! 

So now I’m gonna deep dive in arabic and I will blog more later. We’ll see if I’m gonna do three laundry today. We’ll see how my body and everything is.


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