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Welcome to us!

Isn’t it cozy!? You feel just warm welcome to us. No not really. This is pissing me off! All the boxes, bags and all the stuff that’s everywhere! It’s horrible but luckily it will be gone soon. Hopefully. Lol! Thank God that we will have a big ass storage room at our new place! A storage where I can put my stuff in and not having mama’s or so! Ohmygod. Lol! I can’t wait! 😅😂 I’m ridiculous I know! 

Though it is full like this in our apartment, there is shit loads of stuff to empty before moving. What do I mean? Well the storage that came with this apartment plus the neighbor’s storage that we got permission to borrow.. which has none of my stuff in. Good huh? No. I have like a few bags/purses but that’s it. 

So after my beloved smoothie which I have start drinken again, I will continue. OH SHIT! I HAVE LAUNDRY TODAY! Lol I just remembered that! So packing, tossing, laundry and ugh. Blog more later. 


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