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Back home

And now iam back home again. Bleh. This time without the dinosaur 😣 he had to go to Göteborg  (Gothenburg) again! I really don’t like being apart from him. I know I know, let him go. Iam!!! Or else I wouldn’t let him go? He has an important meeting down there and hopefully everything goes well! And also that he can be transferred to here, it would be much easier! 

So the alarm went off at 6.45am and I woke well I was gonna wake the dinosaur up at 7am but he was already up. Lol! 8.20am bus in and 9am the train left. Since than I’ve been walking around, killing time because the bus back left at 12am/pm 😣 so annoying but I bought some food to take home and I played pokemon 😂😅 yes I still play that! So now iam home, cooking and have no interest of getting dressed again and go over to my sister to help her carry down stuff to the storage room. But I have too. She only has me 😫 ah well.

The photo has nothing to do with the post. It is a hell off a snowstorm here but I didn’t take any pic of that. Maybe later. We’ll see.


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