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Pink flowers is a sign of love

Me and my husband took a break from packing, tossing etc and went out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine. The sun is shining on the snow, shining through the trees and I felt a little bit calm. A moment to breathe from all the stress. Sure we only walked to the store but still.  It’s a beautiful day ♡ I love days like this.

Even if the sunlight is hurting my head I wanted to go out. I put on shades and didn’t care what people said. It’s spring for me and soon I can walk barefoot ♡ I can’t wait! Everyone knows that when I take my special shoes out from the closet and start walk in those, it’s spring and when I walk barefoot it’s summer. Haha! Lovely! This half year will be a very interesting year. I won’t tell you guys yet except the wedding as you all know but trust me, it will make me feel better ♡ 


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