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My boy lollipop | Wedding plans ~ American old cars ♡

Hey ghosts! How are you? Me? Lol that’s a funny question! I’m tired and my back is killing. While the dinosaur is sleeping, I’m packing but right now I’m cooking something to eat and I’m gonna try make the dinosaur to eat as well. Indian food ~ the chicken. I’m so tired of swedish food. Bleh! I decided to do Indian food. One thing I suck at when it comes to that is the spices  😂 I either spice too much or too little! Never in between.  Thank God it’s a quick dish to make. It takes around an hour or less. The ones that takes the longest time is that cutting of onions, ginger, garlic and chicken. Oh well.

My boy lollipop  song is going on repeat. First it was Charlene Carter and than the fountains, Sandy Posey and now Millie. Haha! Old music is the gold! I admit it. I love old music like this. Imagine my cutter I grew up in. Well it’s not really a Swedish culture but for me it is my culture because I grew up with it ~ Old American Cars, 50s music and everything. I love it! So will my future children grow up in. The problem is that I need to save up shit loads of money to be able to buy an Cadillac 65 ♡ My dad had one of those! He pretty much had one of each brand. He only wanted a hot rod and than he have owned one car of each brand. 

I know how my wedding will be like. Dad’s old club will come in their American cars and the president is a family friend of our so we will go for rides in his car ♡ love! Beach wedding with American cars and 50s ♡ perfect! 


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